Mod Craftable salvaged parts

  • This mod is not made by me, credit goes to:

    Description from Steam:
    This mod lets you craft salvage parts for your mech so you don't have spend a bunch of time looking for a ton of salvaged parts just to make a mech part.

    should work in progression of your furnace.

    I tried to make it as accurate as possible(considereing real life electronics with the craft recipes).

    Recipes include
    Salvaged Power Coupling: 3 wires, 1 tungsten bar
    Salvaged Armor Plate: 3 tungsten bars
    Salvaged Thruster Nozzle: 1 battery, 3 wires, 2 tungsten bars
    Salvaged Actuator: 2 oil, 1 tungsten bar
    Salvaged Interface Chip: 1 silicon board, 1 durasteel bar
    Salvaged Proton Limiter: 1 silicon board, 2 AA batterys, 1 Refined Agisalt, 1 Refined Ferozium, 1 Refined Violium
    Salvaged Nano Receptacle: 5 wires, 3 batterys, 1 Solarium Star
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