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  • Starbound-ColorableCustomClothes
    A starbound mod for coloring the custom clothes.
    1. Prerequirements

      The mod is designed to work with Silverfeelin's Outfit Generator's output. Click the link and follow the instructions.

    2. Installation

      Download the latest release (from the Download button) and put it in your starbound mods folder.

    3. Usage
      • Designing your armor

        To make your custom clothes dyeable, make sure to color them with the default Starbound palette: the most common colors are #ffca8a [​IMG] , #e0975c [​IMG] , #a85636 [​IMG] and #6f2919 [​IMG] .
      • Editing the default color schemes

        You can change the correlation between the dye and the applied color by editing the "colorOptions" table of the item. "colorOptions" is an array of color palettes, where each palette is presented by string-hex code pair, where key is the default value of the item and value is the overriding color.
      • You can use a web version now:
    "colorOptions" : [
    "ffca8a" "b5b5b5""e0975c" "808080""a85636" "555555""6f2919" "303030" },
    // BLACK
    "ffca8a" "838383""e0975c" "555555""a85636" "383838""6f2919" "151515" },
    // GREY
    "ffca8a" "b5b5b5""e0975c" "808080""a85636" "555555""6f2919" "303030" },
    // WHITE
    "ffca8a" "e6e6e6""e0975c" "b6b6b6""a85636" "7b7b7b""6f2919" "373737" },
    // RED
    "ffca8a" "f4988c""e0975c" "d93a3a""a85636" "932625""6f2919" "601119" },
    // ORANGE
    "ffca8a" "ffd495""e0975c" "ea9931""a85636" "af4e00""6f2919" "6e2900" },
    // YELLOW
    "ffca8a" "ffffa7""e0975c" "e2c344""a85636" "a46e06""6f2919" "642f00" },
    // GREEN
    "ffca8a" "b2e89d""e0975c" "51bd3b""a85636" "247824""6f2919" "144216" },
    // BLUE
    "ffca8a" "96cbe7""e0975c" "5588d4""a85636" "344495""6f2919" "1a1c51" },
    // PURPLE
    "ffca8a" "d29ce7""e0975c" "a451c4""a85636" "6a2284""6f2919" "320c40" },
    // PINK
    "ffca8a" "eab3db""e0975c" "d35eae""a85636" "97276d""6f2919" "59163f" },
    // BROWN
    "ffca8a" "ccae7c""e0975c" "a47844""a85636" "754c23""6f2919" "472b13" }
    • Custom dye
    You can also create your own dye, modifying the following parameters of the dye item:


    // CRIMSON (Made by Unxie)
    "dyeDirectives": { "a85636" "640023""e0975c" "9B0036""6f2919" "330012""ffca8a" "D20049"}
    For more information open the site by pressing the Download Now button.
  • Q: Does it work with my current outfits?
    A: Probably not, if you didn't color them in default color in advance.

    Q: What if someone without the mod will try to dye the item?
    A: The directives will be reset. That is your item will be reverted.

    Q: Can someone without the mod use the colored item?
    A: Sure, that's why it's a custom item.

    Q: Where can I donate?

Recent User Reviews

  1. shootyshooty
    "An essential vanilla-friendly clothing-lover's mod"
    Pros - Literally everything about this mod, including being able to set custom dye colors.
    Cons - I'm at a lack of anything bad, or constructive to say about it, it's as perfect as it can be.
    In my honest opinion, Chucklefish should've included this as a feature in-game to allow one to make custom clothes, and color them using the dyes in game if one so choosed, and doing this quickly, rather than having to manually color clothes if one didn't wish to do such a thing.
  2. Isbjörn
    "Good Shit"
    Pros - Amazing Utility
    Allows for more customization of already custom clothing.
    Cons - None
    Incredible tool, useful for creating you're own ingame fashion line.
  3. QuantumCrab
    Deg, making the stuff no one asked for, but everyone needs.