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PSA: Do the upgrade to have the fully customizable ship on Singleplayer and not on any Multiplayer server, after the upgrade everything will be compatible with the server.

Deep under the outpost lives a man with the secret to Building Your Own Ship.

Inspired by the FCS (Fully Customizable Ships) by Princeofmar5 mod that was unfortunately abandoned, this mod brings you a ship that you can build from the ground up.

For but a mere Dubloon (and the wits to find our questgiver) you can now own your own BYOS!
You want to travel around the universe in a tardis? Have a planet for a spaceship? Travel in the comfort of a spacewhale's stomach? If you can imagine and build it, it is now possible.

Warning: this will utterly destroy your old ship. I've put a platform down to catch anything that does not remain hanging in the air, but I advise you to
1: backup your player folder! (its in starbound\storage\player)
2: clean up your ship before accepting this quest.

This mod works best on a new character. Older characters might need to go through the following steps if the shipworld is: stuck on the tier 8, has unmovable items.

Shown picture is after cleanup, manually placed items might drop to the floor or they might be. Clean up your ship before updating. I'd advise bringing a broom before you start building (where's that useless janitor when you need him?)

I'd advice you to not do this quest until your original ship is fully repaired (at that point it should be seperate from the main quest). It works before that, but there might be unintended side effects.


  • The shiplocker that is spawned upon completing the quest has all the race items in plenty amounts
  • Every block is breakable. One note though: spawn location will always remain where the current teleporter is. So build outwards from your teleporter, that way the spawn point can be in the bottom, top, left or right of the ship. There is enough space on all sides to build to your hearts content.
*** update on this, it seems that /setspawnpoint will allow you to set a custom spawn point.
  • The techstation (s.a.i.l.) will set your pet. You want a different pet? just replace the techstation. Only one tech station should be placed at any time.
  • No need to replace files or manually delete stuff.
  • The ship is obtained through a quest at the outpost. The questgiver really doesn't want to be found. He's hiding for a reason. Bring a lot of rope or another means to get to places you can't normally get to if you want to find him.
  • You can still play vanilla with this mod installed, it will only change your ship after doing the quest. (except for the unintended feature. see below, this will be fixed one way or another)
  • Works for all vanilla races. Custom races are possible now through addons. See the custom race support discussion below for the supported races.
  • This mod is only needed on the server or the co-players installation during the upgrade to byos. My advice is to upgrade in singleplayer mode. After this you are safe to return to any server of choice, regardless of whether its installed there.
Spoiler: How to skip the quest

Warning, do not do this while on your ship. While it works, you'll be stuck with outpostundersideman on your ship.. forever (or until you delete your shipworld file).

Type the following commands in singleplayer, while having your mouse pointer in the same area as where you are standing.
/spawnnpc human outpostundersideman
/spawnitem dubloon
Now do the quest and immediatly turn it in


start the game, play your bugged character, and close the game
go to starbound\storage\player
sort by date, and rename the latest .shipworld file to .old
then start the game and start your character

If there are still problems, let me know the following in your post:
  • What version are you running: see in start screen, click the gear bottom left, and look for the version number*
  • What race you play, and if not vanilla if you have the appropriate addon.
  • What other mods are running besides BYOS
  • If the update does not work, make a copy of your starbound.log file so it remains intact before restarting the game, put it on pastebin and include the link.
Please describe if you did anything else to your ship/mods/game that you think might be of interest.

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