Mod Bugatti vision custom hoverbike

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  • [​IMG] you need:

    -Put the mods in the mods folder.
    -Equip sonic sphere tech
    -Press the H key (depend on kind of the keyboard you have)

    Enjoy!!![​IMG] [​IMG]
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  1. QuantumCrab
    "Fantasticly multiplayer! And customisable too..."
    Pros - Great functionality,
    Easy Customisability,
    Cons - Nothing,
    I absolutely adore this mod, it does everything it says it does!
    Also, very easy to customise, and lag free multiplayer compatibility.

    This mod has no flaws.
    Would recommend.
    Much wow.
  2. Anella
    "I LOVE THIS :D"
    Pros - all!
    Cons - . _.
    i like it i like it i like it 10 character
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