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  • Blob's Bacon Oversaturation

    Hey there! Have you ever thought to yourself, "Hey, I play on Ilovebacons, but I really want more bacon!", or "I want to let the bacon consume me"? Well now there is, and it can! With the all new Blob's Bacon Oversaturation™! Just drop the entire thing into you mods folder, and watch the magic unfold! With bacon buttons, bacon title screens, bacon everything! (almost) This mod features a whole range of bacony sprites for your sizzling experience! Do keep in mind however, to keep this mod multiplayer, you will only see a change in client side sprites. But that's still alot!

    This mod has more bacon than you can bacon! So bacon on your bacon, and bacon out there! Be careful, too much bacon can bacon bacon, bacon bacon bacon. Bacon help bacon bacon, bacon bacon bacon bacon. Bacon.


    In the future, I will be adding much more bacon, so I just released this version so you can get in on the action earlier! Also, I haven't touched the AI sprites or the loading screen sprites to keep this compatible with my other mods, however I am considering doing them too. Also, this is compatible with the 'Sun is Bacon' Mod, if you wanted to go the extra mile...
  • Q: Will you add more bacon?
    A: Yes indeedy!

    Q: Why won't it show up?
    A: You most likely installed it wrong, make sure it is in the mods folder, and uncompressed.

    Q: Is this multipler compatible?
    A: Yes! All of these sprites are client side only for your convenience!

    Q: Will you make the players look like bacon?
    A: No, to keep this mod multiplayer compatible, only client side sprites will be affected.

    Q: Why is this only available for LV2 users?
    A: Only true followers of bacon can bacon.

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  1. Jamzee
    Pros - Its a bacon
    Cons - Not enough bacon
    Why oh why does this exist only as a mod. For is it not that god is bacon. And god can cause vanilla starbound to be baconbound
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  2. Pewpew
    "I hate Bacon and everything to do with it"
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    1. QuantumCrab
      I do too! In fact, I hate Bacon so much I made this mod to raise awareness!
  3. Max Bacon
    "Bacon Approves."
    :pig: That's how SB vanilla should be.
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