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  • Read everything carefully, please!
    This mod is for the 1.3 version of Starbound.
    This mod works off of the sonic sphere tech acquired from the outpost.

    The mod includes only two added functions:
    No-Clip Sitting and Normal Sitting (Sliding on floors or objects)

    The keybindings for the functions are:
    'Special 1' to use the sonic sphere.
    'Special 2 + up' to toggle No-Clip Sitting.
    'Special 2 + down' to toggle Normal Sitting.

    Please note that the function keys for the Special 2 and Special 3 were removed in Starbound 1.0 so I made a patch to readd the bindings. You need to rebind the keys before trying to use the functions. Go to the control menu and at the bottom of the player menu the keybindings will be found there.
    Also, Special 1 == ActivateHeadTech!

    Hope you enjoy the mod!
    Let me know if you find any bugs or issues with it.
    (Keep in mind if you have another mod that changes the sonic sphere or distortionsphere, it could conflict with this mod.)
  • 1.) Mod isn't working?
    a. Check to see if you have the mod installed in the proper folders.
    b. Do you have the distortion sphere tech equipped?

    2.) Did you set the keybindings?
    Go to your control menu in the player section and check at the bottom of the menu to see if the Special 2 and 3 keys are binded to G and H.

    3.) Yes, I am aware the other mod I made also does sits. This is for those who only want the sit functions.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Hot Choc
    Pros - It sounds cool but...
    Cons - I cant install it!
    Its sounds and looks cool... but have you ever tried just having the user installing a .pak or .modpack ? It makes everything a lot easier and neater! But I cant install this mod because you DIDNT do the things I just described. I makes it easier for people who don't know hot to install .zip mods. It get frustrating! Trust me... I know... :cryingface::angry::mad:
    1. IHazBagels
      There's a steam version available as well, if you have a hard time with zip files. It has the same name on steam so just do a quick search.
  2. TigerEyes
    "VERY COOL!"
    Thats cool! :D
  3. Mors0
    Pros - You can literally sit everywhere.
    Cons - You cant feel the cushion of the chair anymore. :c
    Vital mod for ARRRR PEEEE