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Read everything carefully, please!
This mod is for the 1.3 version of Starbound.
This mod works off of the sonic sphere tech acquired from the outpost.

The mod includes only two added functions:
No-Clip Sitting and Normal Sitting (Sliding on floors or objects)

The keybindings for the functions are:
'Special 1' to use the sonic sphere.
'Special 2 + up' to toggle No-Clip Sitting.
'Special 2 + down' to toggle Normal Sitting.

Please note:
The function keys for the Special 2 and Special 3 were removed in Starbound 1.0 so I made a patch to readd the bindings.
You need to rebind the keys before trying to use the functions.
Go to the control menu and at the bottom of the player menu the keybindings will be found there.
Also, Special 1 == ActivateHeadTech!

Hope you enjoy the mod!
Let me know if you find any bugs or issues with it.
(Keep in mind if you have another mod that changes the sonic sphere or distortionsphere, it could conflict with this mod.)

Latest reviews

Pros: A simpler version of Aurora Borealis
Cons: It's too good
It doesn't have all the things of Aurora Borealis but that's what the mod is designed for! Being a simpler version to those people who don't want a lot of things, Just the avarage sitting

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