Mod Aurora's SB 1.3 Mod

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  1. AmberFlame_YT
    "Not Very Good, For Me-(Certain Reason)"
    Pros - How The Hell Would I Know?
    Cons - My Game Crashes When I Use It. - Always
    I Literally Cant Play Starbound With This Thing On. Not Saying Its Terrible, Just Saying Can You Fix This.
    1. IHazBagels
      Do you have other mods that conflict with this one installed.
      If you do then you have caused a "duplicate asset" crash.
      Other mods that edit the distortionsphere will not work with this mod.
  2. Yononi_44
    This is amazing, except the sit doesn't work. I tried everything and it still doesn't work ;c The only thing holding me from rating 5 stars is that, but overall this mode is excellent.
    Edit: I learned that I'm an idiot and its "walk" not "move" xD
  3. Papyrus
    "Good mod"
    The mod is good but I have it does not work out of a large number of installed mods.:papyrus:
  4. Wanderer
    "One of the best"
    One of the best
  5. Cloudydays
    "Excellent, but there is always work to be done."
    Pros - Gives a plethora of features for usage, size modification is not as ugly as with previous renditions
    Cons - Too many features mapped to a similar control scheme
    As stated in the pro's, this is a very versatile starbound mod, enhancing the quality of life for the user in both standard play and roleplay scenarios. Size modification and saving, as well as sit mods, can find many applications on both fronts, while blinking, distortion ball access, and other features have more niche uses, but are useful nonetheless. My only concern with this mod is that it can in fact bring to thought the statement of "too much of a good thing". In this case, there are simply too many features in such a small control scheme that one might find themselves accidentally hitting 2-3 features when trying to reverse the effects of one. I would suggest a more toned down version to be readily available, containing only the necessities. Other than this, I give this mod a solid 5 stars.
  6. Papyruss
  7. shootyshooty
    "If it fits, it sits."
    Pros - Sit anywhere, teleport anywhere, and phase through walls by the power of quantum squatting.
    Cons - Missing some features of other tech mods, but if you want the essentials for enhancing roleplay or other cheating needs; this mod does it dependably.
    I can sit here, I can sit there, I can sit here, there, everywhere. Also I can phase through walls with the power of my atomic squat, and on top of that teleport being people nothing personell style.
  8. QuantumCrab
    "Does exactly as intended"
    Pros - Helps to break the game
    Excellent in RP
    Really helpful for avoiding force cages
    Awesome to just sorta float there
    Cons - Can't imagine StarBound without it
    This mod is fantastic for everything it was meant for! Minimal bells and whistles to allow for multiplayer usage, this mod is a must have for all ILB goers. Easy to install, and very easy to use!
  9. Takamura
    "A good pick"
    Pros - -Very useful in roleplay
    -Great additions to it
    -In love with the ningen eyes that come with the mod!
    Cons - I keep hearing people complaining about where they keybinds are..
    All through i did not have any issues with that.
    Excellent mod, for as mentioned in pros for RPing and other would recommend it to everyone!
  10. Garret131
    how to i set it up?
    1. IHazBagels
      What part specifically are you having trouble with? The description gives the details on how to set up the mod.