Starbound Mod Aurora's SB 1.3 Mod

Pros: Really good for hanging out or just messing around.
Cons: I can't seem to get sit to work anymore, though every other tech is fine.
I've used it since it came out and it's still useful as ever. Great mod :D
what is this special
Pros: Haves a lot of things of roleplay
Cons: The resizing and rotating can be a bit hard to control. But it isn't that bad
A great mod for roleplaying! It haves a lot of functionality too!
Pros: Super useful, especially in rp, and just for messing around and making yourself giant.
Cons: Needs the sonic sphere. other than that, none.
Its pretty cool, and has helped me in rp's and allowed me to mess around OOC by making my B O I bigger or teeny tiny.
Pros: Easy to use
Cons: Little customization
This mod is useful and easy to use for a beginner, but it is difficult to customize its effects.