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Read everything carefully, please!
This mod is for the 1.3 version of Starbound.
This mod works off of the distortion ball tech acquired from the outpost.

The mod includes the following functions:
-Resizing (with size saving/recalling)
-Target Blink

Along with the tech functions, it also includes retextures for the human eyes.
I believe the name of the texture mod was Ningen Human Replacer.
If you want to remove the retexture, read the section in the FAQ for instructions.
Or If you want to recolor you character's eyes, check the FAQ for details.

The keybindings for the functions are:
'Special 1 + jump' to reset scaling/rotation and use the distortion ball.
'Special 1 + up' to toggle no-clip.
'Special 1 + down' to target blink.
'Special 2' + 'walk' to sit or stand (tap to toggle).
*During sit you can move your position like you normally would.
'Special 2' + 'up' to save a size value
'Special 2' + 'down' to recall a size value
'Special 3 + up/down' to scale player size.
'Special 3 + left/right' to rotate.

Note: During no-clip mode, holding the 'walk' button will allow you to slow your no-clip to 0.5x speed.

Also, Animated Mugs are included in the mod.
However, it requires a bit of modding knowledge to create a custom one.
The detailed instructions are in the mod file named: "MugSpawn.txt"

Alternatively, you can spawn in a normal mug by going into the hand crafting menu.
Note: this is a scripted item do not drop this on anyone without the mod!

Please note:
The function keys for the Special 2 and Special 3 were removed in Starbound 1.0.
So I made a patch to put the bindings back in the control menu.
You need to rebind the keys before trying to use the functions.
Also, Special 1 is named "ActivateHeadTech" by default.
Go to the control menu and at the bottom of the player menu the keybindings will be found there.

I will likely be adding more functions to the mod so, suggestions are always welcome.
Also, if any bugs or issues pop up while using the mod, please inform me of the issue.

Latest reviews

Pros: Really good for hanging out or just messing around.
Cons: I can't seem to get sit to work anymore, though every other tech is fine.
I've used it since it came out and it's still useful as ever. Great mod :D
what is this special
Pros: Haves a lot of things of roleplay
Cons: The resizing and rotating can be a bit hard to control. But it isn't that bad
A great mod for roleplaying! It haves a lot of functionality too!
Pros: Super useful, especially in rp, and just for messing around and making yourself giant.
Cons: Needs the sonic sphere. other than that, none.
Its pretty cool, and has helped me in rp's and allowed me to mess around OOC by making my B O I bigger or teeny tiny.

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