Starbound Mod Aurora's Custom Items

Item Overview

Read everything carefully, please!
You need this mod to be able to access some of the mall items!

I created this mod so Custom Items could still be created with the familiar format of generated items.
The way it works is the activeItem has a script it calls, which I made specifically to mimic the way generated items used to be.

This makes the new style of json parameters easier to transition to from the generated items.
There is a ReadMe included in the mod folder and an example json.
It will explain more in depth how to customize and use the items.
The Starcheat example included should be very helpful for beginners.

Note: I have also implemented a way for emotes to be used on custom item stances.
The Gallery below has a gif showing a preview of what can be done with the mod.
Also, the emotes shown are craftable via hand crafting.

Please, do not redistribute this to anyone in modpaks without crediting me for my work.
Thank you for understanding and I hope you enjoy the mod!

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