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  • This mod is currently only available to users level 2 and above on the forums.
    You need this mod to be able to access some of the mall items!

    Something important to know about SB 1.0 is that Generated Items have been removed.
    I created this mod so Custom Items could still be created with the familiar format of generated items.
    The way it works is the activeItem has a script it calls, which I made specifically to mimic the way generated items used to be.

    This makes the new item type easier to transition to from the generated items.
    There is a ReadMe included in the mod folder and an example json.
    It will explain more in depth how to customize and use the items.
    The Starcheat example included should be very helpful for beginners.

    I have also implemented a way for emotes to be used on custom item stances. :closedeyesmile:

    Here's a preview of an item using the mod:

    Aurora's Custom Item Photo.png

    Please, do not redistribute this to anyone in modpaks without crediting me for my work.
    Thank you for understanding and I hope you enjoy the mod!
  • Regarding the Mod and Making customized items:
    1.) There is a ItemSpawnReadme.txt in the mod folder that explains how to make the custom items Starcheat and spawnitem commands.
    2.) When I am in-game do not bother me constantly for help trying to spawn the item. I will only be able to help you if I am not busy.
    3.) Please, do not distribute this mod to other people without crediting me.
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Recent User Reviews

  1. WrenGayBirdy
    "So cool!!!"
    Pros - I love this mod, makes interactions between players more exciting!
    Cons - Nothing Is really bad
    I love this mod, makes interactions between players more exciting!
  2. TigerEyes
    Pros - Cool
    Very cool! But i need yet to reach lvl 2!
  3. Oprixion
    "unable to use mod"
    can some1 tell me how to i join the server with this mod?. Because whenever i join there is still a message stop me from joining