Mod Apple Juice 1.6 | Drawing Update

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  1. Otto Malpense
    "great but i cant activate drawing mode"
    Pros - everything is amazing
    Cons - cant activate drawing mode for some reason... and the tackle looks weird
    it works as intended except i cant figure out how to get drawing mode to work, i am activating my special 1 btw, and the tackle looks a tad bit weird considering it turns your character upside down after about half a second.
  2. EnderMimi
    "its great"
    really interesting mod
    i have high hopes for this mod in the future
  3. Isbjörn
    "Well designed lag machine"
    Pros - Well Designed
    Easy To Mod
    Loads of Fun Features
    Cons - AFK mode is too laggy for actual use.
    Orbs are too laggy for actual use.
    Bomb is too laggy for actual use.
    Confusing controls
    cant rotate and enable your sit mode easily
    Constant updating means constant redownloading.
    It's a fun mod to mess with in singleplayer but I multiplayer is a defiantly going to be impossible with radical changes to some of the features.
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    1. Forprix
      I deprived it of almost all of the lag. What are you talking about?
  4. Xoc330
    "Great Mod"
    Amazing mod, always seems to include better features, update time and creator-to-user communication A+
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  5. Earthquake
    "SO GOOD"
    Pros - This updates 1000x faster than Chucklefish.
    Keep the updates coming! You're beating SB by 99999.
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