Mod Apple Juice 1.6 | Drawing Update

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    Well, let's get started! :relievedface:
    1. Delete all mods that uses spikesphere. (Including steam mods)
    2. Install this mod
    3. Enable spikesphere. If you unable to do it use these command:
    /maketechavailable spikesphere
    /enabletech spikesphere

    If ure feeling so stupid I recorded videos special for u.

    Skillset 1:
    Special2 = Toggle noclip
    Special3 = Toggle parkour mode
    Special1 = Toggle sit mode
    Doubletap-Up = Release uplift bomb
    Doubletap-Left / Right = Dash
    Up + Special2 = Toggle hoop mode
    Up + Special3 = Toggle regen mode
    Up + Special1 = Toggle hueshifting mode
    Shift + Up = Be right back mode

    Skillset 2:
    Special2 + Up = Toggle rotating mode
    Special3 + Up = Toggle sizing mode
    Shift + Up = AFK Mode

    Skillset 3:
    Special1 = Toggle drawing mode

    Shift + Special3 = Skillset+
    Shift + Special2 = Skillset-

    Parkour mode:
    Jump + Up = Backflip
    Down + Left / Right = Tackle
    Down + Left / Right + Shift = Roll

    Sizing mode:
    Special1 + Up = Size+
    Special1 + Down = Size-
    Shift + Special1 + Up = Slowly size+
    Shift + Special1 + Down = Slowly size-

    Rotating mode:
    Special1 + Special3 = Rotate+
    Special1 + Special2 = Rotate-
    Shift + Special1 + Special3 = Slowly rotate+
    Shift + Special1 + Special2 = Slowly rotate-

    Drawing mode:
    Special3 + Up / Down = Toggle changing parameter
    Special2 + Up / Down = Change value for changing parameter

    You can draw up to 40 particles, no more.
    Also particle's layer will be always "back" and u can't customize it.

    I made it to avoid lags

    Also you can CUSOMIZE ALL THESE THINGS in Json file /applejuice/tech/distortionsphere/apple.json
    Remember to inform me about bugs you find.
    Well, that's all! ;-)

    Download 1.0:
    Download 1.1:
    Download 1.2:
    Download 1.2.1:
    Download 1.2.2:
    Download 1.3:
    Download 1.4:
    Download 1.5:
    Download Latest 1.6:


    1.0 Initial Release : My name is Jeff
    1.1 Rotating And Sizing Update : Sizing and rotating ability in skillset 2. Fixed dash bug
    1.2 Hoop Update : Hoops is good and even better when they are from apples :cool:
    1.2.1 : Fixed bug of unable to change hoop ttl, dtime, da . New, easy keys
    1.2.2 : Instant regen ability
    1.3 Parkour Update : Parkour flip fix, tackle & roll. Fixed bug of unable to change size of text particle
    1.4 Neatly Update : Hueshifting, special hitbox, better interface, functions connection and some code fix
    1.5 AFK Update : AFK Mode & BRB Mode, Targeted Sit mode, Roll Fix, Better "interface"
    1.6 Drawing Update : Drawing ability, AFK Mode & BRB Mode lag fix.




Recent User Reviews

  1. Otto Malpense
    "great but i cant activate drawing mode"
    Pros - everything is amazing
    Cons - cant activate drawing mode for some reason... and the tackle looks weird
    it works as intended except i cant figure out how to get drawing mode to work, i am activating my special 1 btw, and the tackle looks a tad bit weird considering it turns your character upside down after about half a second.
  2. EnderMimi
    "its great"
    really interesting mod
    i have high hopes for this mod in the future
  3. Isbjörn
    "Well designed lag machine"
    Pros - Well Designed
    Easy To Mod
    Loads of Fun Features
    Cons - AFK mode is too laggy for actual use.
    Orbs are too laggy for actual use.
    Bomb is too laggy for actual use.
    Confusing controls
    cant rotate and enable your sit mode easily
    Constant updating means constant redownloading.
    It's a fun mod to mess with in singleplayer but I multiplayer is a defiantly going to be impossible with radical changes to some of the features.
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    1. Forprix
      I deprived it of almost all of the lag. What are you talking about?