Mod Aetheric Book Creator

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  1. Mr.G Gaming
    "I love books"
    Pros - Making your own books
    Cons - Being able to modify books
    This is a great mod, the only thing I have a problem with is that you can edit books that are already made. Other than that it is a great mod that I think should be added to the base game.
  2. shootyshooty
    "Reading is lame but I'll admit; this is cool."
    Pros - A great mod with no issues that lets you make propaganda--I mean fine literature for the masses.
    Cons - I swear to whatever holy or unholy being overhead that if I have to read Animal Farm one more time I will slaughter everybody in a four-block vicinity.
    Someone REALLY needs to take this mod, make a large, really good novel, and sell it in-character as a roleplay job and have them make money that way. I might just have my scientist character do that and publish her studies.
  3. specail1nitrogen
    "thats pretty good"
    As you Can see its a pretty impressive modification (mod) now its minecraft all over again. maybe? i dont know but so far being able to write a book is pretty cool and neat a|=
  4. SwiftRevolver
    "ILB Lore Finally <3"
    Pros - You can make Books. God Bless You.
    Cons - Requires Minibar
    Thing works like a bloody-charm. No significant lag, no hassle. It does require the QuickBar, which is a little pain considering that I have to use old versions of some mods that don't use QuickBar Mini ((Running on Unstable, so Steam Subscriptions aren't a thing)), regardless - works brilliantly.
    I can't wait for steamy ILB Romantic Novels <3
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  5. QuantumCrab
    "We need more mods like this..."
    Pros - Easy to use
    Easy to install
    Multiplayer use
    Cons - A little bit hard to edit written text without having to backtrack
    Perfection in a mod. Seriously.

    I can think of a hundred ways one can misuse this mod. And I love it! It's quite clever, not using a book at all, but rather a pistol. Ingenious coding by ingenious people lead to this fantastic mod. Very easy to install too! Also, one of the few things like this that do not require certain operating systems, it's all client side!

    Would recommend!
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  6. Isbjörn
    "The Paper Boy"
    Pros - -Custom Codexes
    -Great RP tool
    -Create a propaganda machine
    Cons - -Instructions to add/upload custom book templates would be nice.
    With this I can steal the public support and take over ILB with my Event Organizer powers. Great job.

    - Your future dictator
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  7. DocBlackriver
    "Warborn Bible"
    Pros - -Made Warborn bible
    Cons - -^re happens a lot
    Join Warborn
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  8. Nora
    ""A fantastic mod that serves a lot of purposes.""
    Pros - The ultimate mod for writting, and sharing stories or anything else that fits in a custom book, and its vanilla multiplayer compatible too!.
    Cons - No cons at all..
    Well, its one of those mods, that you never knew you wanted, with it, you can write anything, from lore, notes, or short stories, and everything else that fits in a book, and then leave it for other players to see, all of it being compatible with vanilla servers...

    So, what are you waiting for?, its a mod worthy of downloading, go ahead and download it :).
  9. Earthquake
    "DIY without the diy-ness of JSON"
    Pros - Everything.
    easy to use
    it's quickbar mini
    so much sprites to pick and choose from
    Cons - ?
    P.S.A. put it in mods folder and get quickbar in your MM sb slot.

  10. DarkFlow
    "Thank you : )"
    Pros - -You can easly create your own books! Is there anything else i can say?
    Cons - No cons at all ^^
    Is there anything else i can say ^^
    Just get this mod!