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  • Ever look at Starbound codexes and felt the desire to make books of your own?
    Are you an adventure map creator and wish to have an easy way to add lore for players to read?

    Do you roleplay online and wish to have a way of communicating other than chat?

    Are you reading this with the intonation of a TV advertisement?

    Look no further. The Aetheric Book Creator mod is a completely vanilla-compatible solution to your book writing and lore creation needs. It features a user interface capable of both creating books from scratch and editing already existing ones! Here's what you can do with it:

    - Easily see when a line change is needed: When you reach the edge of the interface, it's time to press enter to create a new line! No need for trial and error on Notepad++ or other item editors anymore!

    - Write in any color: Simply add ^color;text^reset; (for example ^red;text^reset;) or ^hexcode;text^reset; in order to color parts of your text. The editor will show you the result before you actually make the item!

    - Share your creations: The book item you will print is fully vanilla, meaning that you can spread it to your friends. They won't even need to have the mod installed in order to read your creation!

    - Join any server: This mod is compatible with vanilla servers, so you can join servers that do not have mods installed.

    - Customize your books: The mod allows you to fully customize your books. Edit the design, the color and even the transparency of the books and its parts thanks to a very simple slider system.

    - Edit already existing books: Just insert the book you wish to edit on the interface and you can keep writing that long starbound novel, or fix that annoying typo without having to wait for insane loading times or looking through a very long single string of text.

    This mod was created with the hard work of the following people:

    - Loki.

    - Degranon.

    - Kate (Jasel Umena).

    However, what is written on the books is up to you, the player, thus we are not to be held responsible for any kind of malicious usage of this mod or parts of it.

    If you wish to use our code of part of it for your own creations, please do ask for permission first. We are understanding, and as long as you give proper credits, there shouldn't be a problem with us agreeing!

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  1. Stallion Senpai
    "ILB Lore Finally <3"
    Pros - You can make Books. God Bless You.
    Cons - Requires Minibar
    Thing works like a bloody-charm. No significant lag, no hassle. It does require the QuickBar, which is a little pain considering that I have to use old versions of some mods that don't use QuickBar Mini ((Running on Unstable, so Steam Subscriptions aren't a thing)), regardless - works brilliantly.
    I can't wait for steamy ILB Romantic Novels <3
  2. QuantumCrab
    "We need more mods like this..."
    Pros - Easy to use
    Easy to install
    Multiplayer use
    Cons - A little bit hard to edit written text without having to backtrack
    Perfection in a mod. Seriously.

    I can think of a hundred ways one can misuse this mod. And I love it! It's quite clever, not using a book at all, but rather a pistol. Ingenious coding by ingenious people lead to this fantastic mod. Very easy to install too! Also, one of the few things like this that do not require certain operating systems, it's all client side!

    Would recommend!
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  3. Isbjörn
    "The Paper Boy"
    Pros - -Custom Codexes
    -Great RP tool
    -Create a propaganda machine
    Cons - -Instructions to add/upload custom book templates would be nice.
    With this I can steal the public support and take over ILB with my Event Organizer powers. Great job.

    - Your future dictator
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