Starbound Mod (1.4.4) RemiTech Mk. II

i love this, thks Remi i waiting this for a long time ^^
Pros: • Excellent starting point for custom tech
• Simple yet straight to the point GUI
• Unique for multiplayer-compatible public mods
Cons: • Attempting to make an addon to this will end badly
• Lack of volume parameter on sounds
• Lack of problem-locating error handler
First off, I don't know how the heck you did this. It's a great mod, and I can't think of any other public multiplayer-compatible tech mods that are better than this one!

The customization is great for people who know how to do it, the built-in effects let people use something without having to make their own custom stuff (which I highly recommend you do), and the possibilities are vast. It even seems endless.

The overall experience I've had with this is extremely pleasant.
Pros: It's a tech mod that works
Customizable techs
Cons: Does not work with WEdit
This mod is just generally amazing, it has more options than any tech mod I have seen, a few customizable techs, and even an awesome hud for equipping the techs
Does not work if you have the dash for WEdit equipped because it is in the same slot*