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    Info Cloning System Information

    It looks like you have the right of it.
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    Info Cloning System Information

    Well firstly, did you die or didn't you? You cannot have it both ways. If you nearly died and someone tended to your wounds to save you then that's not dying. The same applies to the medical problem you mentioned. If you actually died then you are beyond help; so that counts as a death.
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    Answered i need server assitance

    Ah, I see. Well you need to apply for a server account at:
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    Answered i need server assitance

    Read the attached image.
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    Answered i need server assitance

    This should help.
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    Who enjoys Minecraft?

    I preferred vanilla gameplay but some of the mods like tinkers construct and other tool related stuff is nice.
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    Answered So like wtf

    You do not have to install any mods or have a server specific character. However, you should not bring multiplayer incompatible mods onto the server. Those will get you banned potentially. Just join with the correct ip and port. IP: Port: 7777 Also, if you are looking to...
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    Info [SB Server] Worldbound is back online!

    @Omicromn @Aidenps @Yeet @Swift Revolver @Pixel Bit @piesm Your claims have been approved don't forget to do their first backup!
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    A little help with an issue

    On rare occasions, the server disallows anonymous connections when there are attackers joining anonymously. This might have been what you experienced with the "we are not currently allowing guests." Normally, you don't need anything beyond the IP and port to connect and play. Exceptions to this...
  10. IHazBagels

    Starbound Mod Aurora's Custom Items

    The item Aurora's Custom Items has been updated: Updated mod to include the kiss, clap, waving, and begging emotes. They are now craftable items in the hand crafting menu.
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    Info The Bounty Board

    Only Roleplay Staff should be posting in this forum! All posts describing criminals should be made in the following format: Name: John Doe Description: Caucasian male around 5'6" with brown hair. He was last seen carrying several fire arms, and wearing a black trench coat. Photo: <optional but...
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    Info The Bounty Board Mechanics

    Security Team Rework We have decided that the security crew needs a rework of their revives to combat the frequent on the job risks. Security Team members will have a decreased chance of getting severe debuffs. Also, the revive cool down is a flat rate of three days instead of the usual...
  13. IHazBagels

    Starbound Mod Aurora's SB 1.3 Mod

    Frackin' Universe doesn't have any conflicts with this mod that I know of. However, WEdit does have a known problem with this mod. One, both mods are using the "special" key binds. So when using both techs at the same time, multiple functions can be triggered at a time. E.g.: 'Special 2' on...
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    Info CRP and Death Consent Mechanics

    What this Thread will Explain and Why The purpose of this thread is to clarify how CRP and Death Consent work in roleplay. This way everyone can properly know their options in roleplay and be able to make educated decisions. Not understanding these mechanics can lead to issues in CRP and other...
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    Info Cloning System Information

    This is for the purposes of clarifying how the cloning process works and how you the user interact with it. Note: I will use the terms revived and cloned interchangeably throughout this thread. ================== What is the system? ================== Every character has the ability to be...
  16. IHazBagels

    Hello again!

    Hi again, reposting my intro since the forum was restarted. On the Starbound server, most of you may know me as Aurora. I joined the ILB community around February 2015 and became really active around August 2015. I became staff around March 2016 and have been helping out since. I love to make...
  17. Aurora's Custom Items

    Starbound Mod Aurora's Custom Items

    Read everything carefully, please! You need this mod to be able to access some of the mall items! I created this mod so Custom Items could still be created with the familiar format of generated items. The way it works is the activeItem has a script it calls, which I made specifically to mimic...
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    Starbound Mod Aurora's Custom Items

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Mod Aurora's Custom Items. Please add to the discussion here.
  19. Aurora's Sit Mod

    Starbound Mod Aurora's Sit Mod

    Read everything carefully, please! This mod is for the 1.3 version of Starbound. This mod works off of the sonic sphere tech acquired from the outpost. The mod includes only two added functions: No-Clip Sitting and Normal Sitting (Sliding on floors or objects) The keybindings for the functions...
  20. IHazBagels

    Starbound Mod Aurora's Sit Mod

    This thread is for the general discussion of the Mod Aurora's Sit Mod. Please add to the discussion here.