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  1. Morphine

    Good Time Club Event Poll

    That's just going to incite CRP, you fool!
  2. Morphine

    Good Time Club Event Poll

    Hello Roleplayers! I'm here to announce the upcoming events that will involve the new Good Time Club on Port Lux, and explain a little bit how some of them will work. The poll is in place to determine how popular the events would be to all of you, and whether or not going through with them is...
  3. Morphine

    Morph's Journal #5: SPIRE Cloning Contracts 📼

    Recorded: April 12, 3141 "Ever since Aether's demise on Port Lux, the idea of a cloning contract has been tossed around in my mind. We had a couple 'under the table' deals, but nothing made officially public. The system works the same way as Aether, and there hasn't been any bias to prevent...
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    ((I was too lazy to make a whole post :) ))
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    What makes you enjoy Starbound RP?

    I enjoy the people I RP with, and have gotten to know over the past few years. They have become real good friends, and I wouldn't want to be in any other friend group. SBRP is not something I really get much emotion from, mostly because I don't project myself onto my character, but at times, I...
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    Faction - The Fourth Crusade

    The crusaaaaaade
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    Valora Titana

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    Morph's Journal Entry #4: Pocket Dimensions 📼

    Recorded: Mid - 3139 "It's been quite the year for progress. Our scientists have been steadily working on a new device that'll allow us to enter our very own pocket dimension. I really can't describe how I feel about this, because it's a mix of excitement and fear. Back in SPIRE 2, I witnessed...
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    Morph's Journal Entry #3: The Era of Factions 📼

    Recorded: Late 3139 "What a year it's been. Cenaria's been quite the breeding ground lately for new groups popping up. Can't say I'm surprised, since, everyone seems to want a piece of the pie. Not really sure what Cenaria has to offer for newly formed groups. I never found much value in...
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    Details Height: 7' 5" (2.28 m) Weight: 1500 lbs (680.3 kg) Race: Modified Glitch; Ticranium Brute (see Miscellaneous) - retains memory from original chassis but is re-purposed and given a new chassis Gender: Male Age: Built 10 years ago; AI resembles an age of 36 Defensive Equipment Fists...
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    Faction - Miniknog

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    Faction - INTERPOL

    Interesting. Very competent.
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    PG rep :)

    PG rep :)
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    (Art by 18700) Details Height: 6' (1.82m) Weight: 180lbs (81.6kg) Race: Human Gender: Male Age: Biological Age: 30 Chronological Age: 1,073 Defensive Equipment His eye-patch contains nano-optic sensors that are connected to his optic nerve. His bandana is cross-woven with "touch...
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    It me, Morf, liter of SPYRO
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    Faction - SPIRE

    You're fine
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    Faction - SPIRE

    An independent military force, and corporation, created to combat all the injustices of the galaxy. Specializing in a variety of fields, SPIRE is the quintessential group to go to for any problem. Nowadays, the company spreads its interest across several fields, not just military. A Brief...