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    Name: Tough I go by many none seem to fit, but you may call me Mister if you so wish. Race: A demon? a fiend? I ask you dear friend, I will ask you this question time and time again. Gender: Though my title as lovely as sunrise may seem, I am not shackled by gender, law or decree. Age: As...
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    What has been your most memorable moment on ILB's Server?

    Throwing a teapot at Goern's face mid CRP as ceph.
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    Character's Theme Song/Music

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    WhiteShiroyasa [Informations about his story still get going]

    The bitchmaker in the flesh, all hail.
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    +Added new not so new ability. -Tweaked abilities and added helpful parenthesis to avoid any confusion. -Removed herobrine.
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    +Lore added. -Ability name tweak.
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    +Added a pic -Made a few tweaks
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    Name: Cephei Stellare Race: Voidbound Gender: Probably male Age: Unknown Appareance: 6'5ft tall, wears a large dark green cloak around his body with a white porcelain mask, glowing yellow eyes and black stick legs. Also a cute red scarf. Personality: Despite his eerie appareance Cephei is...