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  1. Derrick

    Bounty: Alpha

    Name: Alpha Description: Multi-coloured Novakid (Primarily orange, a with lavender hue thrown into the mix) generic Novakid 'cowboy' attire. Sports a shotgun and revolver as main weapons. Last Seen: Port Lux Inn, near the Bar. Photo: Crime Level: Serious. Crime Committed: First Degree...
  2. Derrick

    Discussion Thread: Minecraft Server

    This is still a discussion regarding how the server should be run. If it's not how you prefer, I understand, it's not pleasant to have these kinds of talks, but for the love of god listen instead of pulling that next time. I won't push any further. Sorry for "derailing" things, man.
  3. Derrick

    Discussion Thread: Minecraft Server

    Again, I tried to keep it from becoming a heated debate. If anything, I myself asked if we could stop making snarky and snide comments like such: I'm only sharing gripes, criticisms and thoughts. If Lachee does not feel like he is being unfair, I understand and won't push for him to change...
  4. Derrick

    Discussion Thread: Minecraft Server

    You interpreted the circumstances wrong and acted on impulse from my perspective. Also, that wasn't a penis joke, it was the name of the actual sword.
  5. Derrick

    Discussion Thread: Minecraft Server

    I think it might be noted, many of said banners were taken from raids in the past and not collected all at one time. Another thing being the totems as well. And not only was help asked in the chat and ignored multiple times, but, when you did eventually come, we had to continue to fight them...
  6. Derrick

    Discussion Thread: Minecraft Server

    I'd like to provide some criticisms here and there. I'm no expert at managing a Minecraft server, but the current managing system seems rather lacking. There are issues where players are accused for griefing when nothing of the sort occured (Rather than the placing of signs with silly phrases)...
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    We were invincible. Unstoppable. But then, the chain was broken. Damnation is your fate. Be...

    We were invincible. Unstoppable. But then, the chain was broken. Damnation is your fate. Be wary of your soon-to-be demise. -Ender portal noises-
  9. Derrick

    "OSF - One Long Year." [Public]

    Can't believe it's been an entire year since we started. All the work we did, all the hardships we endured, all the bankruptcy filing, somehow it all payed off in the end. Though I can't be proud of every moment. There's been more than one time Richard's ambitions got us landed in a tough...
  10. Derrick

    Happy birthday king 👑 😤 🙏

    Happy birthday king 👑 😤 🙏
  11. Derrick

    Review by 'Derrick' on item 'PakFS'

    Can't say much! The pros and cons speak a lot about this tool already.
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    Mick CARBON

    Mick CARBON
  14. Derrick

    mick CARBON ok, so basically she said do you love me i told h ((hes epic)) Honestly though...

    mick CARBON ok, so basically she said do you love me i told h ((hes epic)) Honestly though! He's kinda cringe.
  15. Derrick

    Peculiar Video Broadcast - [PUBLIC]

    A set of whirs and clicks can be heard at the beginning of the video. The video output's all black. After a short period of silence, the unmistakable sound of an object moving through snow can be heard as well. Soon, light fades into the view of the camera, showing the camera being half-covered...
  16. Derrick

    than os

    than os
  17. Derrick

    I'd Appreciate if you guys stopped using my Power Armor sprite.

    UPDATE: I'll be releasing a new set soon to compensate, just after I get these few pending projects out of the way. Shouldn't be too long now!
  18. Derrick

    Korrig's Thoughts - Pt. I

    It has been a while since our first appearance at the port town. We were met with hostility and xenophobia. As Kivar, it is my job to think ahead, plan further than other members of the Cletch. I expected such would occur when there was a mob of people waiting for us to do something wrong. The...
  19. Derrick

    (Don't forget to vote) [Day 2]

    (Don't forget to vote) [Day 2]