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  1. Kohi

    Info Spin2Win - Q&A/Discussion

    played spin 2 win once. got a reward. don't know what happened to it. pls give back.
  2. Kohi

    Info Official Staff Information and Applications

    "That's right fellas, I'm takin' this server by storm..." ;)👉👉
  3. Kohi

    Answered Items disappearing from ship

    If the items you have use assets that aren't found in Starbound ( like from a mod or any external source ) then they'll automatically become perfectly generic items when held in the server. To avoid this happening in the future, I'd suggest leaving all custom/modded items to be used in...
  4. Kohi

    Art Surreal~

    did you trace your own hand for this
  5. Kohi

    A little help with an issue

    We appreciate the well thought out essay you've written for us. Good luck elsewhere. ;)
  6. Kohi

    What has been your most memorable moment on ILB's Server?

    showing up to cenaria dressed as link, and then meeting another link who accused me of stealing his idea, while i accused him of stealing my idea. pretty sure another link wannabe showed up after that. funny stuff
  7. Kohi

    Starbound Tool Starcheat [Starbound 1.3.4 Compatible]

    Is it working for mac yet?