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  1. Jasel

    When does a power become power gaming?

    In all honesty, the second situation posed by Coffee cat would not be seen as powergaming unless the fight had begun already due to our crp and consent rules, but that is besides the point. On top of what has already been pointed out, we can define powergaming as not only the act of imposing...
  2. Jasel

    What does your character's voice sound like?

    Oh, interesting thread. Since I doubt I'll find an example of a voice like this, Mailith just sounds as whatever voice she is trying to imitate but with an added accent. You can imagine this accent as difficulty to pronounce C, G, S and Z by filling the back of your mouth with water and...
  3. Jasel

    Starbound Mod RemiMessager 1.3.4

    Do you have quickbar mini installed?
  4. Jasel


    Preface: So apparently, when the old forums died, so did all my character sheets. Hooray, now I get to rewrite everything. FML, why did I not save it in a text document? I'm probably stupid, that's why. Anyway, metagamers and curious people in general, rejoice. I re-introduce to you Mailith's...
  5. Jasel


    What was first, the Serabi or the machine-?
  6. Jasel

    I want to modify Small Floor Spike's damage output

    Alter this parameter of the json and you should be good. Set it to something ridiculously high, if you don't know the horse's HP. If this does not work for you, try using a sprinkler with a very deadly projectile instead. Edit: after testing this, I have indeed confirm that the orientations...
  7. Jasel

    Considering joining RP

    As if you would have come up with an explanation like mine :P
  8. Jasel

    Considering joining RP

    Manager here, Your character arrives to a town on the coast of an ocean planet. It used to be a pretty well known holiday resort, so it may still retain some of that fame, but your motivation is up to you. No major incidents have taken place recently, and the place itself looks peaceful...
  9. Eat my particles

    Starbound Mod Eat my particles

    For BaconBot posted showcase items, please reach for support at the workshop page! Eat my particles (EMP, formerly known as No more particles), is a mod that allows you to wear custom armor with special effects (buffs) without them being visible to other players. This mod will work in...
  10. Readable Ancient Mod

    Starbound Mod Readable Ancient Mod

    For BaconBot posted showcase items, please reach for support at the workshop page! Readable Ancient Mod (RAM) is a mod that I threw together in a couple of hours. It has been done before, but I believe my approach to keep the font hard to read (you need to pay a bit of attention), yet...
  11. Aetheric Book Creator

    Starbound Mod Aetheric Book Creator

    Ever look at Starbound codexes and felt the desire to make books of your own? Are you an adventure map creator and wish to have an easy way to add lore for players to read? Do you roleplay online and wish to have a way of communicating other than chat? Are you reading this with the intonation...