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  1. Captain Beatdown

    Coup, bounty hunter and more

    That leg was mine, I paid you for nothing
  2. Captain Beatdown

    Coup, bounty hunter and more

    nice job chieftain
  3. Captain Beatdown

    Starbound Tool Starcheat [Starbound 1.3.4 Compatible]

    also same here
  4. Captain Beatdown

    What makes you enjoy Starbound RP?

    I agree with the top comment. Seeing what people make with the game's resources is fun and seeing the spriting and lua or whatever you can do put to work for creating a story is mindblowing. It's a shame the game is slightly unstable for me.
  5. Captain Beatdown

    Starbound Tool LuAnimator

    How exactly does one load their json?
  6. Captain Beatdown


    oof fucking neutralized
  7. Captain Beatdown

    A Call for Peace [PUBLIC]

    Damn, manski. Also the Moon sees all. I'll be helping the resistance against them miniknog dudes (also ill be selling some moondust on the dock) -moon man