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  1. lpl

    A Transmission of Defiance

    Citizens of Port Lux. Do not willingly blind yourselves with these empty words. Making no mistakes is impossible, for it is how individuals progress and learn. Science requires a cost to be developped. Oppose us, and that cost will be your blood. - Arnel Yegor
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    Miniknog Event in Port Lux!

    UPDATE: yegor will probably get a "revive" as a mutant form if he is beaten too quickly (within the first week), in order to step up the event difficulty, and possibly turn him into a raid boss for the event's final stage. If Yegor isn't killed within the first week, I'll probably scrap that idea.
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    Miniknog Event in Port Lux!

    CITIZENS (roleplayers) OF PORT LUX! Greatness awaits. The Ministry of Knowledge will soon make good use of the deserted Aether facility. Very good use. This event will begin this week, and will, most probably and preferably, last for more than a week to allow for interesting developments...
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    Quanto, the Schrödinger's Man

    The following is a sample from a radio transmission, recorded for a purpose of security, maintenance and customer satisfaction. Patient: Hi, ehrm... I need... help? Dr. Stephen Trevor, Ph.D.: Alright, you've reached the right guy. What's your name, young man? Patient: I can't remember. I... I...
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    The Schrödinger's Cat Incident

    The year is 3218. For Pablo Ortega, a 23-year old human particle physicist, it's D-day. Months spent doing preparations for the experiment. Nothing can go wrong. Pablo runs diagnostics once more: everything is running smoothly. The particle accelerator, with a radius of 50 meters, is a small...
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    Apex Homeworld Lore Suggestion

    I propose this: The Apex homeworld is called Nexus. It is a cold world with very little plant life, and no real ecosystem. Large facilities recycle the air and filter out pollution from the many factories and research facilities. Nexus has 91% of the Earth's gravity, and is home to a massive...
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    Character's Theme Song/Music

    General Yegor's theme song is an odd little piece. It starts smoothly like a classical song, but there's a twist. The song represents very well the two mindsets of the character: the classy, Miniknog-cocky exterior, and the twisted technological beast that lies underneath, the part of Yegor that...
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    Faction - The Monitors (in-depth)

    The Monitors are beings whose very existence is a debate. Some say they went extinct before the Ancients, and others say they weren't even around yet when the Ancients disappeared. How do you properly date the existence of beings having left nothing behind but cryptic messages, spread across...
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    Faction Introduction - The Monitors

    The universe wasn't supposed to be this way. Riddled with holes, I mean. Reality, now, is like a piece of swiss cheese. From these holes came beings and energies that threaten the very fabric and continuity of our worlds. Angels, demons, magic, vile things that draw power from our reality's...
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    Faction - Miniknog

    HELLO, CIVILIAN! You seem upset. Remember, there is no need to be upset! Complaints should be sent to the MBC (Miniknog Bureau of Complaints) through holopad. Average answering time: 247 years
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    Faction - Miniknog

    APEX BROTHERS AND SISTERS! BIG APE, OUR GREAT LEADER, NEEDS YOU! After many years of prosperity for the Apex, scientific progress has never been so fast! Join us, comrades! And you will also join the unstoppable force for good and progress that BIG APE embodies. We are in need of soldiers...
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    Arnel Yegor, Miniknog General

    ❗WARNING: UNAUTHORIZED VIEWING OF THE FOLLOWING FILE IS CONSIDERED UNORTHODOX BEHAVIOUR, AND WILL BE PUNISHED ACCORDINGLY. File 787291: Yegor, Arnel Miniknog Military Profile: Verified Status: - General (photonic research division, fifth division) - Field Agent (current location: Port Lux)...
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    The Brain

    1. Physical and Psychological Characteristics: - Name: The Brain - Physical Age: 12 - Mental Age: 23 - Height: 6'6'' / 1.981 meters - Weight: 144 lbs / 65 kg - Appearance: The Brain is a tall, humanoid figure with pale blue skin, and veins appearing clearly underneath. He has an abnormally...
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    Isonade, the Deep Sea Terror (Part 1)

    The Hylotl's history has always been considered a rocky one. The Great Floran Wars led to a great cultural change, severely wounding the Hylotl's great pride. This is a well-known fact, since the Hylotl aren't shy about their old hatred for the Floran, their old arch-enemies. However, the...
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    Jirou, Hylotl Swordsman

    Name: Jirou (no last name, revoked in disgrace by the monks of Hōryū) Race: Hylotl Age: 62 Height: 6'2'' Weigth: 73 kg Occupation: Mercenary, swordsman Appearance: Jirou's face and skin is blue and green, with a large green fin at the top of his head, that he shoves to the side when he activates...
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    The Recyclotron

    Intro: Previously known as the Gambler, the Recyclotron is a less predictable, more powerful, and less interested by morals version of his previous self. The Gambler was corrupted and empowered by an independent Holy artifact named Helena's Nail, tricked into thinking the Gambler had faith...
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    The Brain

    Thanks for your feedback! As expected, retrocausality is a strange and overpowered ability. I'm still thinking over the ways I could modify it to fit his theme better, be less confusing, and offer more obvious/numerous weaknesses. Do you have any ideas?
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    The Brain

    Name: Xa'Ku Age: Unknown. The Brain often lies about his age. Height: 6'8" Race/Kind: The Brain is a Primordial. He calls this species "old, often neutral observers, here before most beings". Again, this could be false: Some Hylotl that traveled alongside him argue he is the product of extensive...