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    Please forget this report, don't act on it. I'm sorry for wasting your time. It was overreacting.
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    Astra is a character that has shown excessive levels of toxicity OOC while in Port Lux, insulting almost continuously me and others. Sarah Silverspur and her trash-talked Lucida for not being instantly killed by Silverspur's attack despite never engaging crp in any way towards anyone during the...
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    Funniest screenshots

    This should be fun
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    What has been your most memorable moment on ILB's Server?

    Watching people try to kick/throw back impact grenades in crp
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    The Gambler

    General description: Name: None. He calls himself the Gambler. Age: 8 Race/kind/species: He's an artificial intelligence with unclear origins. His current body was built recently, after many years of living as a disembodied entity inside a parasitic drone: the Dice. He modeled his body and...