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  1. Kibiti

    WhiteShiroyasa [Informations about his story still get going]

    I like the God of Wine blessing.
  2. Kibiti

    yo yo it's Snow

    Snow is a Fenerox janitor who works at Lux, specifically the Lux tavern and the Lux Library. Snow is also a member of the INTERSTELLAR ILLUMINATI. All information available about this organization has been [REEEEEEEEE-DACTED]. Snow has a access to a startling number of magical items, benign...
  3. Kibiti

    Faction - "Sweeney's Pirate Network" (wip)

    There is no official name for this ring of smugglers and space bandits, but for our purposes here we will henceforth be referring to this organization as the 'SPN' The SPN is composed of both legitimate and illegal businesses, ranging from simple trafficking and shipments to labs producing...
  4. Kibiti

    Faction - Miniknog

    Apex master race!