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  1. Morphine

    PG rep :)

    PG rep :)
  2. Morphine


    Details Height: 6' (1.82m) Weight: 180lbs (81.6kg) Race: Human Gender: Male Age: - Biological Age: 30 - Chronological Age: 1,073 Defensive Equipment - His eye-patch contains nano-optic sensors that are connected to his optic nerve. - His bandana is cross-woven with "touch sensors" that...
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    It me, Morf, liter of SPYRO
  4. Morphine

    Faction - SPIRE

    You're fine
  5. Morphine

    Faction - SPIRE

    An independent military force, and corporation, created to combat all the injustices of the galaxy. Specializing in a variety of fields, SPIRE is the quintessential group to go to for any problem. A Brief History: Strategic Paramilitary Intelligence Reconnaissance Elimination/Exfiltration was...
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    Character's Theme Song/Music

    Okay so, many have done this before, I take no credit in making this really. Since the old one is long gone, figured I would bring it back cause I enjoyed it last time. Also, I'm aware there is a post similar to this, though that is for your friend's theme, however, this is for your theme...