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  1. HandsomeJack


    You'll b seeing me as totoro On the adventure world more or less more often these days testing out my animations, please swing by and give some feedback, will put thanos on hold, as this is easier to complete first
  2. HandsomeJack

    The Garden

    Finally I can rest, watch the sun rise over a grateful universe
  3. HandsomeJack


    "Has a warped perception of what's good and what's evil." I can agree with that
  4. HandsomeJack

    My Gotg parody - The Protectorates of the Galaxy

    Hell yeah! we need ourselves a knockoff rocket!
  5. HandsomeJack

    My Gotg parody - The Protectorates of the Galaxy

    This is my character Jackson, follows the basic lore with Earth being destroyed and such. He's basically Peter Quill, loves earth music and nostalgic for earth. He has a modified matter manipulator that fires electrical projectiles in offence mode Right now its obviously just me but I'm...
  6. HandsomeJack

    Starbound Mod Help? Trying to make custom gun

    So i'm learning to mod my own custom guns, but right now I've run into a problem, I cant seem to change the projectile from regular bullets to say, the plasma projectile, im using rexmeck to mess around with the gun, beyond the basic things, im kinda stumped