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Community Guidelines
Welcome to iLoveBacons, the tastiest community for over 5 years! We pride ourselves on our flavor and our community, so we have created these guidelines to act as a set of rules for the community. You need to understand these guidelines in order to become part of the community and add your own flavor to this broth. We don't wish for any unsavory characters here in this community and will remove any spoiled and rotten meat from the community.

You can read the full details about our rules below, although the basic point is this:
Don't be a jerk, don't cause issues, be courteous to everybody, and enjoy some bacon every now and then.
Also, no race/species mods.

Guidelines Index:
Global Rules
These rules are here for every aspect of the community, from the forums to the game and even the Discord server. We will enforce these rules everywhere.

  1. Religious discussions are not allowed in this community. Political discussions, however, are allowed if mutual respect is maintained and the subject is discussed in a constructive manner; using the discussion to attack individuals is not allowed.

  2. We discourage effortless contributions based on trolling, spamming and/or advertising (of other communities, Discord servers, etc...) in our services. If such behavior is persistent, it may result in suspensions. In other words, we don't allow spam or most advertising.

  3. The Golden Rule: Respect one another.
    • No naming and shaming.
    • No provocation or baiting.
    • No racist or discriminating behavior.
    • No harassment.
    • We allow joking around to some extent. However, if you are asked to stop, you must stop. Some types of jokes may be seen as offensive by others.
    • If users are unwilling to help you with something, feel free to post on the proper areas asking for help. Do not constantly bother specific users.
    • Respect the privacy of other community members. Posting personal information, such as names, phone numbers, emails, etc. is not allowed in public; use private means to exchange personal information. Remember that once you post something on the internet, it stays there; we cannot take responsibility for it, and any users should do this at their own risk.
    • Forcing other members into sex talk is not allowed and should be reported. We are, however, not responsible for what happened outside our community between two or more members of our community, that should be reported to the designated company/organization/community in question.
    • Public Display of Affection is allowed to a certain extent. Be respectful to and around others. If you want to express affection to a greater extent, then do so privately.
    • Toxic behavior within the community will not be tolerated. We wish for a happy environment, based around Starbound and gaming. We cannot tolerate the behavior of those whose only objective is to bring down the community with drama, controversy, or accusations. While everybody is welcome to discuss and voice their opinions on matters, direct attempts to undermine, defame, or cause conflict within the community is not allowed.

  4. Illegal content and/or action (including piracy and pornography) is not allowed in any area of this community, not even as jokes. This includes death threats.

  5. Inappropriate/NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content is not allowed publicly in our community, with these exceptions:
    • NSFW content (light-toned) posted on community groups with the "Closed" Privacy Setting.
    • NSFW content (light-toned) posted on the Art sections of the website if posted by its author under a warning Tag and/or Spoiler.
    • This rule may vary depending on the platform.
    • Staff decides what is deemed NSFW at their own discretion.

  6. We do not allow alternate accounts. You may have one account on the iLoveBacons forums; we actively remove alternate accounts. If you have lost access to your account and/or share a computer or network with other iLB members, please file a staff request about it or contact [email protected]. If you would like a different username, please request a name change in the staff requests, linked below.

  7. Moderation-related matters (also known as "staff matters") may not be discussed publicly, as doing so is disruptive and unnecessary. Staff matters include things that the staff members have done or said in relation to moderating, including bans, warnings, and similar moderation actions, including the way that our moderation system is laid out. Public areas include Discord server channels, the Starbound server's universal chat, and forum threads. These matters must be taken directly to staff requests or private messages.

  8. The staff reserves the right to remove content from our community at our own discretion. Therefore, we reserve the sole right to review and classify questionable content. If you do not agree with any particular decisions, you are welcome to create a staff request in order to discuss them.
    • Please remember that these rules are written with their meaning in mind and that attempting to find loopholes will not work.
  • Rules are subject to change with developments in the community. If rules are changed, the community will be notified of the changes.
  • Have you been banned? Please read the guide How to Appeal your ban!
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Starbound Rules
These rules apply specifically to the Starbound Server. Be sure you read all of these rules before joining.

  1. No multiplayer incompatible mods. This includes race/species mods, along with any mods that add assets to the game. Read more by clicking here.

  2. Griefing will lead directly to banning. You may destroy and raid things that are part of the game generated content, but never anything created by / belonging to other players. The exception is the starter world that is linked from the hub world, where this is not monitored directly.
    • While "griefing" is not directly moderated in the starter world, other server rules are still in effect. These include those against disrupting new players' movement and those against harassment (for example, by repeatedly destroying something that others are building or otherwise preventing them from building). However, keep in mind that the starter world's purpose is intended for new players, who are often learning about the game and may not know better; please be courteous to them.

  3. Do not attempt to attack the server in any way, such as messing with server protections and systems, placing/giving offensive objects (gore, porn, etc...), any sorts of lagging, griefing, or crashing, corrupting files of players and the server, or anything else that disrupts the server and its performance.

  4. Do not impersonate any other player or staff member on the server. While you may have similar names, you may not pose as another person or pretend that you are a staff member in any way.

  5. Do not be fully invisible or have no player name.

  6. "Sex Talk" and/or ERP (erotic roleplay) is not permitted on our server. This includes implicit, overly detailed, forced, or otherwise disruptive lewd roleplay or discussion. (Refer to Global Rule #3.) However, brief lewd roleplay that is not implicit or overly descriptive is considered a permitted form of public display of affection and is allowed. If players wish to ERP, they may do so privately, but they must use external communication, such as Steam or Discord's private messages.

  7. The Golden Rule: Don't spam.
    • Don't excessively spam the chat. We encourage planet chat for localized chatting.
    • Don't spam weapons with an excessively high fire rate of projectiles and/or particles in places with multiple players.
    • Don't spam noise or bullets excessively in places with multiple players; if asked to stop, stop.
    • Loud noises are discouraged, and excessive noise will be moderated. Be considerate of other players, especially if asked to stop.
    • Don't abuse force-caging or pushing other players, as this can be annoying. The user should stop once asked to stop. Do not purposely disrupt new players' movement in the server HUBs.
    • "Pen" particle drawing is disallowed in our public server HUBs due to its laggy nature.
    • Use resizing techs responsibly in places with multiple players. For example, this should not be spammed, and players should not increase their size too much.
    • Don't bring excessively big drawables into places with multiple players.
    • Don't abuse things like high radius matter manipulators, and don't excessively spam particles by attempting to mine in our protected HUBs.
    • Don't abuse "updates" modding-wise, such as rainbow hueshift techs.
    • Do not chat using radio messages. Use the in game chat to avoid clutter and spam.
    • The iLB Moderation draws the line regarding whether something is acceptable or not.

  8. Do not overplay. Overplaying happens when somebody begins playing a song on an instrument while somebody else is already playing nearby. This can be determined by rising notes from the player if the song can't be heard. Check your surroundings first and wait until nearby players are finished.

  9. Do not kill players (known as "PKing") without agreeing to a PvP fight in one of the arena worlds or on a planet away from the protected hub worlds.

  10. Do not steal or copy items or other creations from others without their consent. Do not trade or distribute any stolen items or other creations.

  11. Do not teleport to a player or ship that isn't yours without permission.

  12. Do not spawn NPCs or creatures/monsters in the hub worlds without staff members' approval. Unauthorized spawns will be removed. Also, do not attempt to enter the official worlds with a mech; please limit these to other worlds.

  13. Having multiple clients opened while the server is full or nearly full is not allowed. Duplicate connections will be kicked in order to make room for players.
  • Use /s <text> to report an ongoing situation in-game. If you wish to make a official report on a player, please create it at the staff request and include as much detail and evidence as you can.
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Forum Rules
These rules apply to the forum and all web based communications.

  1. Please post content in the appropriate forums. Threads will be moved to the correct sections as necessary.

  2. Save bumps for when they are important, require more immediate attention, or it otherwise makes sense to bring an inactive thread back. Otherwise, it is recommended to create a new thread instead.

  3. Keep signatures concise. Avoid posting excessive pictures in a signature; for example, large Gifs on signatures are disallowed. If you have many and/or large pictures to post, you can use the SPOILER tag to avoid slowing down other users who are loading pages or causing clutter.

  4. Refrain from creating one-word/image threads, especially outside the Chat section. (Refer to Global Rule #2.)

  5. Posts of Memes, images, or videos in other areas than the Chat section will be considered spam unless they have a direct point towards the topic of the thread.

  6. Use private chat and private conversation with responsibility. Don't use private conversation for reporting other people; refer to the information below for reports. If you think you're invited into a private conversation you don't like or feel comfortable, use "Leave Conversation" option and select "Ignore future messages". If someone constantly harasses you over a private conversation, report the messages on said conversation.
  • Use the "Report" link located on every piece of content and on profiles to report problems. If you wish to make a report and be engaged with our staff, send a staff request.
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Discord Rules
These rules apply to the Discord, TeamSpeak and all other 'live' communications.

The global rules apply to the Discord server as well. Failure to follow the rules may result in Black Bacon of Shame ("BB"), which will mute you from general chatting outside of #support, or the Shitposter role, which will prevent you from participating in all serious channels. Further disruptions may result in kicks or bans from the service entirely.
  1. Advertising and spam are not permitted.
    • No advertising other Discord servers, games, communities, products, services, etc. (Refer to Global Rule #2.) Simple discussion is okay in most cases; advertising in any way is not.
    • No spamming the chat with pointless messages and/or memes.
    • Do not spam mentions. Avoid mentioning roles when it's not important.
    • Keep content relevant to the channel you are talking in.

  2. NSFW content is not allowed.
    • NSFW stands for Not Safe For Work. If you would not show the content to an employer or other professional, it is probably NSFW.
    • No inappropriate avatars or usernames are permitted in the Discord server.
    • The Discord server does not have an NSFW channel; in other words, no NSFW discussions or images are permitted in the server.

  3. Read channel descriptions and listen to staff members.
    • Some channels have specific rules, which take priority for the channels in question. For example, #sensitive-talks permits discussions of subjects such as political or religious matters, but retains rules against other negative behavior.
    • Appeals may not be discussed publicly. Please make appeals on the forums instead. Appeals may be done in private messages, but only if you do not have access to the forums. (Refer to Global Rule #7.)
    • Those with the ability to moderate the Discord server - primarily, those with the Community Moderator rank or higher - may use their discretion to address questionable content. If you do not agree with any particular decisions, you may submit a staff request in the forums in order to discuss them.
    • As previously mentioned, the meaning of the rules is considered more than their wording, and loopholes will not work.

  4. Follow Discord's rules in addition to ours. You can find them by clicking here. Violations of their rules - including, but not limited to, ban evasion, block evasion, or NSFW content - may be subject to action from their Trust & Safety Team in addition to our moderators.

  5. Nick names should not contain "zalgo" or any other characters which cause names to be hard to mention, ugly to read or cause the nickname to overflow.
  • Ban appeals from the Discord are to be done on the forums under staff request. Shitposter can be appealed within the Discord as its a soft punishment. Black Bacon of Shame is always temporary.
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Minecraft Rules
These rules apply to the newly created Minecraft server.

Since the server is brand new, these rules are subjected to change more than the others. Live announcements of the changes will be made in the Discord. Please note there will be a no-nonsense enforcement of these rules on the Minecraft server. Since it is operated by myself, I will not mess around with repeated offenders or those who just "want to push the line".

  1. No Hacks, Cheats, Exploits.
    • No Hacked Clients
    • No X-Rays
    • Nothing that will give unfair advantages
    • No exploitation of plugin bugs. The server runs many plugins and it maybe possible one or two get bugs within their development cycle. Do not exploit these if they do occur.
    • No duplication or destruction of event items

  2. No Griefing
    • Do not destroy other's creations with blocks, tnt, creeper explosions or any other form of damage.
    • Do not destroy, ruin, or damage a build.
    • If it's not yours, probably best to leave it alone.

  3. No Stealing
    • While resource sharing is fine, everyone does have a limited enderchest storage. Don't steal from people.
    • Do not steal blocks or shulkers around people's base.
    • Do not take any resources from others' chests without permission.
    • Only event items that specially say they can be taken may be taken.

  4. PKing is conditionally allowed
    • PKing is the act of killing other players. It is to be avoided at all cost and is forbidden except for a few select situations:
    • PKing is allowed when repeated warnings to trespassers or trolls are given.
    • PKing is allowed when being attacked by another player
    • PKing is allowed to prevent a griefing / Item Theft from occurring.
    • KOS signs and zones are not allowed. Verbal warning MUST be given to the player.

  5. No ERP
    • If players wish to ERP, they may do so privately, but they must use external communication, such as Steam or Discord's private messages.
    • We have logs... we can read what is happening... we don't want to read that smut.

  6. Dont Spam / Lag Server
    • Do not cause detriment to the servers performance.
    • Do not cause entity lag
    • Do not cause redstone lag
    • Keep your farms to reasonable amounts of entities. Anything excessive is subject to moderator action.
    • Do not cause consistent TPS (Ticks Per Second) drops
    • Do not spam dimension hopping (visiting dimensions within regular time frames)
    • Do not cause excessive raids
    • Do not keep entities on boats longer than necessary. This bypasses the boat cleanup scripts. These boats may be force-removed by staff without warning.

  7. No Racism / Provocation / Baiting
    • A global rule that should be rehashed. Do not bait people into arguments or fights and do not harass staff.

  • Rules are subjected to change while the Minecraft Server grows and the community develops. Announcements about changes will be made on the Discord (in the #minecraft channel).
  • Use the /co inspect to quickly verify who has been accessing your chest before making reports!
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