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    Community Guidelines
    [Global] Global Rules (apply everywhere in the community, game servers, Discord and other services)
    1. Religious discussions are not allowed in this community. Political discussions, however, are allowed if mutual respect is maintained and the subject is discussed in a constructive manner; using the discussion to attack individuals is not allowed.

    2. We discourage effortless contributions, such as trolling, spamming and/or advertising (of other communities, Discord servers, etc...), in our services. If such behavior is persistent, it may result in suspensions.

    3. The Golden Rule: Respect one another.
      • No naming and shaming.
      • No provocation and baiting.
      • No racist or discriminating behavior.
      • No harassment of others.
      • We allow joking around to some extent, you are free to joke around but if you are asked to stop, you must stop. You also need to consider that what you are doing might be considered offensive by others.
      • If users are unwilling to help you with something, feel free to post on the proper areas asking for help. Constant bothering of specific users is not allowed.
      • Respect the privacy of other community members. Posting personal information, such as name, phone number, email, and so on, is not allowed in public; use private means to exchange personal information. Once you post something on the internet, it stays there; we cannot take responsibility for it, and any user should do this at their own risk.
      • Forcing other members into sex talk is not allowed and should be reported. We are, however, not responsible for what happened outside our community between two or more members of our community; this should be reported to the relevant company/organization/community in question.
      • Public Display of Affection is allowed to a certain extent. Be respectful to and around others. If you want to express affection to a greater extent, then do so privately.
    4. Illegal content and/or actions, such as piracy or pornography, is not allowed in any area of this community, not even as jokes. This includes death threats and other harmful language.

    5. Inappropriate/NSFW content is not allowed publicly in our community, with the exceptions:
      • NSFW content (light-toned) posted on community groups with the "Closed" Privacy Setting.
      • NSFW content (light-toned) posted on the Art sections of the website if posted by its author under a warning Tag and/or Spoiler.
      • Some ILB services have specific rules about this.
    6. We don't allow alternate accounts. Each individual is allowed one account on the iLoveBacons Forums; alternate accounts are actively banned. If you have lost access to your account and/or have other persons on ILB using your PC/network, please file a staff request about it.

    7. Moderation-related matters (also known as "staff matters") may not be discussed publicly, as doing so is disruptive and unnecessary. Staff matters include things that the staff members have done or said in relation to moderating, including bans, warnings, and similar moderation actions, as well as the systems responsible for these. These matters must be taken directly to the staff requests or private messages. Both methods are also available for reporting abuse from staff members or suggesting improvements.

    8. The staff reserves the right to remove content from our community at our own discretion. We reserve the sole right to review and classify questionable content. You may use a staff request to dispute a decision that you do not agree with.

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    [Server] Starbound Server Rules (apply specifically on our starbound server)
    1. No multiplayer incompatible mods. This includes race/species mods and any mods that add assets to the game (read more).

    2. Griefing leads directly to bans. You may destroy/raid things that are part of the game generated content, but never anything created/belonging to other players, with the exception of the Adventure HUB where such isn't monitored.

    3. Do not impersonate any other player or staff member on the server. While you may have similar names, you may not act as the other person or pretend that you are a staff member in any way.

    4. Do not be fully invisible or have no player name.

    5. "Sex Talk" and/or ERP (erotic roleplay) is not permitted on our server. This includes implicit, overly detailed, forced, or otherwise disruptive lewd roleplay or discussion. (Refer to Global Rule #3.) However, brief lewd roleplay that is not implicit or overly descriptive is considered a permitted form of public display of affection and is allowed. If players wish to ERP, they may do so privately, but they must use external communication, such as Steam or Discord's private messages.

    6. Do not use or distribute any NSFW items. (Refer to Global Rule #5.)

    7. Do not attempt to attack the server in any way: messing with server protections and systems, placing/giving offensive objects (gore, porn, etc...), any sorts of lagging, griefing, crashing, corrupting save files of players and the server, or anything that disrupts the server and its performance.

    8. The Golden Rule: Don't Spam.
      • Although we encourage planet chat for localized chatting, both are permitted. However, don't excessively spam the chat.
      • Don't spam weapons with an excessively high fire rate of projectiles and/or particles in places with multiple players.
      • Don't spam noise or bullets excessively in places with multiple players. If asked to stop, stop.
      • Don't abuse force-caging or pushing other players; this can be annoying, and the user should stop once asked to stop. Do not purposely disrupt the new player's movement in the server HUBs.
      • "Pen" particle drawing is disallowed in our public server HUBs due to its laggy nature.
      • Don't abuse things like high radius matter manipulators. Don't excessively spam particles by attempting to mine in our protected HUBs with multiple players.
      • Don't abuse resizing techs in places with multiple players, this shouldn't be spammed neither should the user scale themself to be too big.
      • Don't bring excessively big drawables into places with multiple players.
      • Don't abuse "updates" modding-wise, like rainbow hueshift techs.
      • Any other abuse of Lua against others is also disallowed.
      • The ILB Moderation draws the line whenever something is acceptable or not.
    9. Do not overplay. Overplaying happens when somebody begins playing a song on an instrument while somebody else is already playing nearby. This can be determined by rising notes from the player if the song can't be heard. Check your surroundings first and wait until nearby players are finished.

    10. Loud noises are discouraged, and excessive sound will face moderation action. If and when you are asked to stop anything that may be loud, you should stop.

    11. Do not kill players without agreeing to a PvP fight on a planet away from spawn. Forcing status effects on non-PvP players without consent is also not permitted.

    12. Do not spawn any NPCs / Monsters / Vehicles on our HUB's without staff members' approval. This includes mechs. Unauthorized spawnings will be removed. However, these may be spawned in your own worlds.

    13. Having multiple clients opened while the server is full or nearly full is not allowed. Duplicate connections will be kicked.

    14. Do not use modding to teleport to a player, world, or ship that isn't yours if you weren't granted permission by the player to do so.

    15. Do not steal / copy items or other creations from players without permission. Do not trade or distribute any stolen items or other creations.

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    Forum Rules (apply specifically on this website)
    1. Please post content in the appropriate section, if not we will move your thread.

    2. Bumping threads constantly is not allowed. Bump only when it's important or you require immediate attention and it makes sense to bring the inactive thread back, we recommend you to create a new thread otherwise.

    3. Avoid posting multiple pictures in a signature, large Gifs on signatures are disallowed. If you have many and/or large pictures to post, you can use the SPOILER tag to avoid slowing down other users loading in.

    4. Refrain from creating one-word/image threads, especially outside the Chat section, global rule 2) applies.

    5. Posting Memes, image or video format in other areas than the Chat section, will be considered spamming unless it has a direct point towards the topic of the thread.

    6. Use private chat and private conversation with responsibility. Don't use private conversation for reporting other people. If you think you're invited into a private conversation you don't like or feel comfortable, use "Leave Conversation" option and select "Ignore future messages". If someone constantly harasses you over a private conversation, report the messages on said conversation.

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