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Discussion in 'General Server Discussion' started by Magicks, Jul 22, 2016.

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    Hello there! To join the server please check your mods folder and make sure your mods are multiplayer compatible.

    • Mods which add new content to the game like The Avali Race mod or Creative Mode are not allowed. No Race Mods.
    • Mods as FrackinUniverse are not allowed.
    • Mods which modify existing assets or add purely client sided content such as new Lua files are allowed.

    You sure you don't have mods that are a bannable offense? Now do this:


    • Visiting your Game Options and thicking that box will allow you to join!

    See you in-game and stay tasty <3
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    Updated Main Post:
    • Added an edited screenshot to highlight the "Allow Asset Mismatch" step.
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