Adventure World Stripmine the Sky - by: Earthquake (Adventure World Contest (Individual))


Dec 2, 2018
User name: Earthquake

Adventure name: Stripmine the Sky

A submission for: Adventure World Contest (Individual)

Description: A very story driven map that takes you jetpacking through an ecological disaster of strip-mined floating islands, this adventure will leave you thinking or incredibly lost. Find five powerful crystals to get the chance of fixing everything, or causing even more harm.

This map utilizes a NPC custom shop system so you need certain items to unlock dialogue. Thus, the map is only playable once, as items are used up when done.

-Don't come with your inv full of stuff. The map has all you need, including food.
-No noclip is needed. Flying is fun!
-Don't dupe items, don't edit items, etc. common sense.
-Don't go to the surface of the planet. Everything you need is in the sky.

-Zoom out for the best flying experience as you can spot things from far away.
-Practice with the WING before you go on a long flight. Mind the fall speed. Triple jump is useful to negate falling.
-Explore all the islands, especially linked smaller islands. Who knows what you may find.

(I'd like to add more content and get better at building, but at least the map is finished. Pardon the credits room. If I can update it next month I'll add 3 more big quest areas, improve everything.)
(File shared through OneDrive, hope it works.)


I agree to the community's and contest's rules and terms. All of the information above is accurate to my knowledge. Yes
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Katheryn Miles

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Nov 29, 2018
For the time that Earthquake had for this first contest, combined with the fact that this is an individual submission, this is definitely worth playing. I hope that others are not discouraged by the slightly rough appearance of the adventure, and I hope that they enjoy its short yet well-made story as much as I did.

For those who may be struggling with using the WING's, one suggestion that I have is to use a low-gravity EPP or energy boosts.
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Thanks Nettle Boy.
You may want to make the other version where the downloaded file overwrites an existing .world so it can be done without flying to some faraway coord.

Who else has submitted a map by the way?