I ate some pig

Feb 21, 2019
I was walking around and I punched tree then I got some oak log but I made them planks to make it crafting table after that I punched more woods and I made more planks then I made some tools after that I cutted some trees then I made a house after that I went to mine and found some coal and iron then I made iron set after that I made iron tools then I went to mine again after that I found some diamonds while looking for hours then I made diamond tools and set after that I broke some bedrock to make nether portal then I made nether portal after that I got in portal and got some heads and I made wither then killed it after that I decorated my house with beacon and some stuff then I killed some endermans and I got ender pearls then I made them eye of ender with blaze powder after that I found a stronghold then I found the end portal I put the eyes on it and get in then I killed the ender dragon and went back home and I got egg too then I put egg on floor and I clicked it then it ran away after that me and my dog chased it to a desert then I was hungry I ate my dog after that I found my home and looked at my chest I got some emeralds then found a village after that I traded some villagers and got goodies then I saw a pig and ate it