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Nov 29, 2018
Security Team Rework

We have decided that the security crew needs a rework of their revives to combat the frequent on the job risks.
Security Team members will have a decreased chance of getting severe debuffs.
Also, the revive cool down is a flat rate of three days instead of the usual increasing cool downs.
With that small policy update out of the way, we will explain what the main part of this update is about.

What is the Bounty Board?

The Bounty Board is a list of wanted criminals who have committed serious crimes.
In an effort to better apprehend these people, Lux Security has disclosed their information to the public.
Visitors of Lux who are willing to help may hunt down wanted criminals and turn them in.

The Bounty Board will be in the Lux Tavern Area and provide a link to a forum page listing criminals.
Bounty Board Thread:
List of Wanted Criminals

How does the Bounty Board work?

People who have committed crimes against civilians will have their information posted on the board.
Criminals who have engaged in combat with the Lux Security Team are also posted on it.
When you are listed on this Bounty Board, your right to Death/CRP Consent is revoked.
People may hunt you down at any given time until you are killed or turned in.
Crimes such as but not limited to the following can get you placed on the Bounty Board.
They also come with a punishment when you are turned in, which comes in several tiers.

Offense Tiers and Associated Crimes:
Heinous Crimes (Soft Ban - 1 week): Several Murders
Serious Crimes (Soft Ban - 3 days): One Murder, Severe Assault, Combating Security
Minor Crimes (Soft Ban - 1 day): Assault, Aiding and Abetting

Rewards for Turing in Offenders Based on Their Crime:
Heinous Crimes - 75,000 Pixels
Serious Crimes - 25,000 Pixels
Minor Crimes - 5,000 Pixels
Not Turned in Alive - 3/4 the initial reward amount

These punishments and rewards can only be given by Lux Security!
If you do not turn the criminal in alive, you will not be rewarded as generously.
Criminals killed by hunters will be apprehended upon revival and then given proper punishment.

What if I am on the Bounty Board?

If you are on the list and at risk of death by bounty hunters, you may surrender to avoid dying.
They will have to respect your surrender and then turn you in, and then security will handle it from there.
Once you have surrendered, you are not allowed to resist being turned in.

Both the bounty hunter and criminal are required to follow these rules!
If a criminal surrenders, they have forfeited the ability to attempt escaping; the hunter may not kill them.