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Information - United Systems of America

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The Reborn United States of America, Where Freedom Reigns.
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Apr 11, 2018
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"Ah, America. Land of the free.. Home of the brave.. On one unfortunate day, Our original home was lost to us. Along with much of our history. But we have not lost hope. The day the ruin had attacked Earth, we tried our best to fight back. But this did not work. No, not at all. Even our most advanced weaponry, our superior military might could not defeat it. We had no choice but to abandon home. 482 million American citizens, all packed onto destroyer class warships, outfitted for cruises and luxury trips were sent off into the final frontier, to find a new home. In time, this happened, and it did not take long. America has taken hard hits in the past, but we will never falter. This is a prime example of that. And so I say to you, my fellow Americans.. There have been many times we have been put in harms way, but we have prevailed. We have won again! GOD BLESS THE U.S- OF- A!" - Benjamin Bane, President of the United Systems.

The United Systems of America is a recently fully restored version of the United States of America, spanning across several star systems, hence the name. The descendants of a proud, patriotic people. America was overpopulated during the time period in which the Ruin had attacked (Many were held on U.S owned space colonies. Ex. Space Station Halcyon II, USISCPII, etc.) and so only 1/3 of the population was able to be saved on the evac ships.