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Roleplay Groups of iLoveBacons

Most Members

  1. SPIRE
    50 members, 3.5K views.
  2. The Syndicates
    42 members, 3.1K views.
  3. Crescent Knights
    19 members, 3.3K views.
  4. Cultivator’s Order
    15 members, 1.1K views.
  5. Unified Galactic Coalition
    14 members, 1.1K views.

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The Reborn United States of America, Where Freedom Reigns.
A coalition of the many races to train graduates to protect the known universe.

public Pirates

We are the space pirate's anarchy.

lock Ghosts

We hide in the darkness, stay put, kill, and help the government.
We are dedicated to defeating those who are a threat to this great community...
Collective of the Shivari Corporate Citizens and Allies.
Official RP Faction Clan: Steel Syndicate
Justice for the people! Freedom for everyone!
Peace to all those who live in the stars!!!!
Official RP Faction Clan: Cultivator’s Order
Th' Lib'rators of th' Asterrus Cluster

public Blue Bloods

Anti USCM, Anti Demon, Anti MiniKnog