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List of all social groups at iLoveBacons.

Most Members

  1. ILB Modding Group
    95 members, 10.6K views.
  2. Kamin's College of Wizardry
    56 members, 1.7K views.
  3. Matt's Harem
    51 members, 4.2K views.
  4. SPIRE
    51 members, 3.5K views.
  5. The Syndicates
    42 members, 3.2K views.

Recent Threads

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A coalition of the many races to train graduates to protect the known universe.
The home to all who hate novakids, florans and other obnoxious scum

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Us snuggets will take over the universe
The Reborn United States of America, Where Freedom Reigns.

public Pixle's Crew

The greatest gaming group

lock Ghosts

We hide in the darkness, stay put, kill, and help the government.
Fair combat that actually gets somewhere.

public Matt's Harem

All of mattkind, standing together, as one.