ICDeadPixels makes an offer IHazBagels Can't Refuse

Happy Valentine's Day Bacons!
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Bacon and Erza Cawfay Orders Pizza with Extra Sausage My Valentine and I val-entines Exodus Vex and the Sluu Romantic dinner Two pals just chillin' together, talkin' 'bout things ICDeadPixels makes an offer IHazBagels Can't Refuse Sisterly Love Fire and Ice
Happy Valentine's Day Bacons!
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  3. BobXilla
    There are all these people loving/liking each other. im neither, when it comes to them coming up to me. Woot! Get the depression ice cream because im dead inside!
  4. Degranon
    Do not worry, Bob
    Almost no one cares
  5. BobXilla
    I do. A while ago i tried to drink bleach, Does bleach not effect avian's? -.-
  6. ICDeadPixels
    Affect avian's what?
  7. BobXilla
    Life or death.

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