Album: A lot of Darkys

Just... All Commisions/Requests/Drawings of my character ._.

A lot of Darkys

Updated Jan 14, 2018
Darky by Cindy  
Darky as Shield knight, by Yos  
Darky&Yos. by Yos.  
Human Darky. by Yos  
Darky by Sixie! But colored by Juna!  
Pirate Darky by Yos  
First drawing of Darky by Yos 2  
Darky by Yos 3  
Darky and Yos  
Darky,Yos and Stallie.  
Anime Darky by 18700  
Darky by me  
Hallowen Darky by Sixie!  
Darky by Sixie!  
Darky Emote by sixie  
Darky being eaten by Sixie ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)  
Darky Hug by sixie!  
Darky by Six!  
Darky by Six too!  
Tired Darky...  
Darky by sixie!  
Darky by sixie!  
Darky... By Sixie!  
Darky by Sixie! Another!  
Darky and the Spray!  
Sixie by Darky! I mean...UGH!  
Darky by sixie!  
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