Party Crashers Giveaway

Win 1x Party Crashers Steam Key

Party Crashes key, ILB giveaway!

Party Crashers is an arcade combat racer, featuring fast-paced last-car-standing gameplay, with a huge array of customisation options to allow players to create your own style of play. By default, players race on a single screen and players that fall too far behind or fall of the track are eliminated. The game is made more hectic and rounds are kept short by weapons scattered around the track that create ways for players to eliminate each other. Points are awarded for staying alive as long as possible. Following in the footsteps of Party Golf, the game has a deep customisation system that allows everything about "normal" gameplay to be changed so players can create whatever style of gameplay they like the most!

Hurry the giveaway is drawn on the 11th!

The prize is 1x Party Crashers Steam Key

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