Info Bacon Blacksmith - Halloween Edition

Max Bacon

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Nov 29, 2018

Welcome to the second “Bacons Blacksmith” contest! This is the second official modding contest for iLoveBacons!

There will be three categories:
✰ Best Code / Functionality
✰ Best Sprite
✰ Funniest Entry

Modders will submit their entries, Halloween themed custom items, which will be reviewed by select judges. Afterwards, the best entries of each category will be presented to the community, who will vote on the best overall entry.

⭐Submit your entry here

How it works:
1. You will submit a JSON export of the item that you created for the event to the forums.
2. Our selected judges will score your entry in 3 categories.
3. The best entry for each category will be released to the public, who will then vote for the best overall entry.
4. Winners will receive specific prizes depending on their placement in the contest.

🥇 1st Place (Overall Winner)

✰ "The Great Blacksmith" Badge.
✰ Item sold and promoted by a merchant in the Adventure Hub.
✰ $10 Steam Card
✰ Optional: Custom Discord Role, your exclusive role title and color.

🥈🥉 2nd & 3rd Place
✰ "Blacksmith" Badge.
✰ Item sold and promoted in a shop on the server, alongside the other winners.

Judging and Voting:

Our selected staff members will score all the entries under the following scoring method (3 to 30):
1 - 10 Points for Creativity and Visual quality
1 - 10 Points for Functional quality and polish
1 - 10 Points for Entertainment value

✰ Sensu
✰ Atlas
✰ Magicks
✰ Rexmeck
✰ Deadeye Don
✰ Bliss

✰ Entries must work standalone: pure JSON, no dependencies on external mods in order to function.
✰ No stealing of other people’s work.
✰ No offensive items (Slurs, NSFW Items, etc.)
✰ No spam items that cause lag or errors.
✰ Anyone can participate (except the judges).
✰ Multiple entries are allowed.

Any type of JSON creation is allowed (monsters, vehicles, clothing, weapons, etc.) as long it fits the Halloween theme and adheres to the rules. Have fun!

Thank you to @Kishin Crona for supplying the gift card prize & @Magicks & @sensu for the support on the event organization.
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Dec 3, 2018
It's been around a week since Halloween and the contest has come to a close. It was a close decision, but we've finally determined the winner; and that winner is...

@Elin with their weapon The Haunted Spear! Congratulations! Bacon and the contributors will be distributing prizes soon. Thanks to everyone for their participation in the contest. We hope everyone had fun with the contest! We hope to host more in the future, within the next 1-2 months.
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