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    Chapter One: The Escape From Cenaria

    The Nova glows intensely as eyes dart around the room from one seat to another. The atmosphere was heated, warm, almost as if lighting a match could just raise the temperature enough to melt the metal caps of the beer bottles. The men stared at the orange nova angrily, however the nova, not possessing a face, seemed to give them a smug aura. He sat relaxed, opposite of the riot like card players.
    The tavern was a bustling place. There was normal violence everyday, however the decline of people present on the planet as they make there migration from the Old Earth ruin. The ruin had been dealt with by now, the chosen one handled it a year ago. 5 years of reconstruction had reopened the Port Lux resort. Many of Cenaria's residents flocked towards the new opportunities the port opened up. Criminals made their way there to sell drugs underground, Karkadons headed towards the planet to tax the flow of imports going in and out of the planet. The Nova posse of Stallion went to go find more women and relationships to form. However, the few left on Cenaria learned they were trapped.
    The ones who were left behind were the ones who hated government, hated laws. The murders, the scum, the sadist. They stayed for one thing, the freedom. Many people realized something, the radio signals, sent to ships for beaming up and down, no longer worked. No one could leave, no one could enter. Teleportation pads had been broke by a vigilante, who later was killed for his heresy.
    The nova had just won a million pixel game of poker against twenty people. He sat smugger than before, confident that he'd get away with the cheat he pulled ten minutes earlier. He lowered the magician hat over his nova "eyes." One apex began inspecting the cards of his hand.As the apex picked the card up and looked at it closely, the nova began to push in his seat nervously. He headed for the door when the apex piped up.
    "Hey wait a second... This ain't one of our cards." The apex looked towards the other players. "He cheated! Get 'em!"

    As he said this, the nova quickly opened the door and ran out into the busy tavern. Gunshots filled the tavern walls as the crowd of angry men raced after him. The bartender yelled towards the nova as he ran passed him "You forgot your tab!"
    He ran out of the tavern frantically, pixels falling in a trail behind him. As well behind him was a large crowd of murder filled men and women who wanted nothing but for him to be dead. One human yelled, "This is the same god damn nova that took my rifle, son of a bitch took it during the night!" The nova was tripping on his own feet as he ran on the dirt and muddy grass. Several people took this opportunity and worked their way next to him, trash talking him as he mad his way towards a new teleportation pad. The men saw the new chrome, the signs of working tech. As it began to glow preparing for the nova a woman pulled out a pistol and shot a tube on the side which supplied power to the core platform. The blue glow disappeared and the nova grew panicked. His plan had fail again, as a week before he had stole from a bank and similarly his get-away shot his foot and took the money and flew off.
    The nova ran for an hour. Men and women left the chase one by one until only one remained. A man named Seler. He was a broad-shouldered mercenary, hired by the government of Old Earth to kill the nova. The nova had found a box to hide in, lowered his glow to barely visible, and tried to hide from Seler.
    "Come out. Come out wherever you are Jam!" said Seler. "You know you want to get this over with so just walk on out and shoot me." The offer was tempting for Jam. He was a bulls-eye shot. He never missed a shot in his life. His farmer parents taught him how to shoot so well that the bullet can ricochet inside the victim. But this guy was different. He was a man of pure muscle. Any attempt to shoot straight through him or try and make his heart a bouncy castle for a bullet would instantly fail. He sat in the box, quiet. Still, Seler slammed open the box with the butt of a rifle.
    "Got you son of a bitch!" With a swift motion, Jam rolls out of the way of the rear end of the gun. "You sure pardner?" Jam said smugly. He ran to the other side of the shipping hall with the duffel bag of pixels nearly hitting Seler's head. Seler quickly positioned the gun to shoot Jam square in the head. However, Jam swiftly ducked, nearly breaking his own gaseous leg. He quickly pulled out his trusty revolver, The Rando's Joke, and popped three bullets in Seler's general direction. Seler witnessed his own shirt be torn but two bullets barely miss his arm. The two took cover under shipping containers, taking turns exchanging rounds. Seler, always carrying a handy grenade at all times, tosses a frag towards the nova. It lands next to Jam, surprising him. He looks down at it and yells the universal code of something going wrong, "Ah Shit." Jam then faces the reality of shrapnel filling his gas body. Now, though he is in pain and gas leaks out of several holes in the membrane that surrounds his body, Jam stands up, confidently, and aims for the eyes.
    Seler is heard screaming by nearby mafia workers. The workers flood into the room and witness Seler's left eye bleeding and Jam's plasma losing brightness. Both of the two gunfighters look towards the mafia members and then back at each other. See, the mafia disliked both Seler and Jam, and seeing the two inside the mafia shipping unit, well that would be trespassing to a whole new degree.
    The two mafia members raise their futuristic Tommy guns and fire towards the two. They shuffle to find cover from the aggressors finding cover from a box with odd lettering on it. Seler looks towards Jam, who now is uncovered near each other. "Hey. Wanna help a guy out and open that ammo crate you're hiding behind?" Jam looks back at the letters and reads "Ammo" written on the side. The wizard hat on top of his head is then knocked off as Jam then remembers that they were getting shot at. He opens up the crate and finds machine gun ammo and various other types of ammo. He reaches in and grabs a handful of ammo and tosses it at Seler. "See if they have any shotgun ammo. We'll need it to get out of here if they have more guys on the way." Seler, who wasn't paying attention, looks up to face the end of a Tommy gun barrel. "Hi" Seler said nervously.
    The two mafia members walk the men towards the dungeon area of the facility. As they walk to the room the two exchange nudges and kicks on their way, to the dismay of the guards. "Hey. Why don't we kill the guys holdn' us and make a break for it?" Jam asked quietly.
    "See the guards got our weapons pal. It's no use." Seler whispered back at the nova. "There are other guards here and we'd be killed within a heartbeat."
    "You're no fun pardner."
    The guards walk to the door and throw the two into a cell. "Shouldn'ta come back fucker" said one of the mafia members. "Yea, shoulda stayed home see" said the other.
    The men walk off, forgetting to lock the door and take Jam's revolver, and they laugh as the slam the door. "You know I got my revolver still," Jam said looking down at Seler who was looking at the door, "I can shoot the lock and break it." "No need." Seler said barely touching the door. It gave a loud creak as it slowly opened. "Anyway the metal wouldn't break, its Solarium infused."
    "Well lets go." Jam said. "Well I can't see out of my eye cause YOU SHOT IT! But we gotta be sneaky." Seler said angrily.
    As they made their way out of the dungeon, out of the main corridor connecting the dungeon to the main chambers, and out of the mess hall, they noticed that there was no one there. "Where is everyone?" Seler asked. "My guess is right there." Jam said pointing at the large army of Mafia members. They brandished Tommys and other machine guns. The two retracted their heads behind the wall they were next to and prepared to fight.
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    Next chapter picks up on the battle scene and more, if you want it soon like the post. more likes more chapters.

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