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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Naig Hikari-Yami, Dec 8, 2013.

  1. Naig Hikari-Yami

    Naig Hikari-Yami 2> Greasy

    I thought I'd share all my .abc files with everyone! :D folder:!mFximDhb!ZGCWB3cslcxt9LijEEd-zw
    (consisting of mainly Final Fantasy Songs)

    Place them in: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Starbound\assets\songs
    (assuming that you're using a 64bit computer with Starbound and Steam being installed on the C: Drive)

    Be aware though, these were all converted from midi to abc by me (therefore might be good or bad, you decide which ones are good or bad)

    Using this:

    Just basically try and remove every instrument except the main lead, main tune. Whatever I'm no music expert, I just do things and things happen, sometimes nice things and sometimes bad things.

    Share yours too! :D

    P.S Can't find rules (at least not easily) soo if anyone knows, tell me if I'm breaking any, from posting outside links or something. XD

    -Naig Hikari-Yami
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  2. Max Bacon

    Max Bacon Tasty Owner Bacon Chief

    Nice, i'm not into music, i'm trying to keep server alive ahaha. But people playing nice stuff :win:
  3. Naig Hikari-Yami

    Naig Hikari-Yami 2> Greasy

    Well, atleast play the Victory theme after each boss kill! :D
  4. TinnedEpic

    TinnedEpic 2> Greasy

    I should get myself a musical instrument so I can test some of these sound out :D. Nice list.
  5. Naig Hikari-Yami

    Naig Hikari-Yami 2> Greasy

  6. TinnedEpic

    TinnedEpic 2> Greasy

    Imagine just forcing yourself to play that piece every time you die. Sitting on your ship all alone. D:

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