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Discussion in 'Gaming Section' started by Max Bacon, Oct 4, 2016.

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    Get 40% Off Osiris: New Dawn During Midweek Madness


    This isn’t a trick...we are treating everyone to 40% off the regular price of Osiris: New Dawn during a Midweek Madness sale!

    This is a frighteningly great opportunity so hurry because this offer ends November 3rd at 10 AM PT.

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    Into The Fray Update Available Now


    Once more into the fray
    Into the last good fight I’ll ever know
    Live and die on this day …
    Live and die on this day …

    -Joe Carnahan, The Grey

    It’s time to prepare for a battle like you’ve never known. We’ve added two new creatures, unique in their own respects, yet equally terrifying in what they are capable of. We’re also introducing two new weapons with which to defend yourself against these formidable foes. You may be able to survive the aerial assaults, but it’s going to take every bit of courage to face what else we have in store for you.

    New Weapons



    New Creatures



    Other Improvements and Fixes
    • We have improved the particle effects for the Heavy Assault Rifle, as well as the Heat and Reactor Pistols.
    • The O.M.P.A. can now travel with you. This means that if you mount the O.M.P.A. into your vehicle, or if he’s flanking/following you, he will travel with you.
    • Spaceships should no longer get stuck on asteroids and be unable to take off.
    • Players will now be able to use the Forge when pressing F and either ESC or TAB simultaneously.
    • The description for Solar Panels has been corrected. They will no longer say they can power O.M.P.A.s.
    • Infinite resource locations now take time to recover lost resources (e.g., a geyser still has infinite gas, but a player can no longer spam that as much as possible, as it will take time to recharge).
    • Crates have updated inventory possibilities to include new weapons and new ammo.
    • Fixed an issue where reordering the O.M.P.A.s in the control panel would cause the control panel to malfunction.

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    Osiris: New Dawn Is Part of The Steam Autumn Sale


    Feast your eyes on this amazing deal:

    Osiris: New Dawn is 40% off on Steam all this week.

    The sale ends November 28th, so don’t miss out on this chance to own the game for yourself.

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    The Rise of Zer Update Available Now


    Deck the halls with molten lava! ‘Tis the season for the Rise of Zer update. Prepare yourself for entirely new environmental challenges and fearsome indigenous creatures. We have included many features, such as an attachment system, and revamped some items, such as the UI. We’ve also performed a few fixes for common issues and removed the abandonment timer. But that’s not all! The following is a comprehensive list of all that this update entails.

    Have fun unwrapping all of this and happy holidays, from the Fenix Fire team!

    Shiny New Toys

    New Planet:
    • Zer - Existing as the first planet nearest the star Gliese 581, Zer is an incredibly hot and tidally locked planet.

    New Resources Exclusive to Zer:
    • Zirconium
    • Cobalt

    New Refined Resources:
    • Cubic Zirconia
    • Zirconium Plate
    • Z-Board (a Zirconium-lined circuit board)
    • Cobalt Ingot

    Five New Creatures Exclusive To Zer:
    • Magma Demon
    • Hell Hound
    • Cerberus
    • Meduzoid
    • Igneopod

    New Gun/Ammo Type:
    • Cryo Rifle & Cryo Ammo — This new weapon and ammo pack a piercingly cold punch capable of freezing enemies in their place.

    New Gun Variants:
    • With the introduction of Cobalt, it’s now possible to craft cobalt-plated versions of the Pistol, Assault Rifle, Bolt Rifle, and Heavy Assault Rifle. Additionally, these cobalt-plated weapons have 25% more durability than the standard versions.

    New Attachment System:
    In previous builds, attachments were coming soon, and with this update they are in game. Currently there are 10 unique attachments (with three different tiers) that can be equipped to the suit.

    Helmet Attachments:
    • Pump Unit — This pump unit is great for improving oxygen and stamina recharge rate.
    • Stim Unit — The stim unit improves oxygen consumption, oxygen recharge rate, stamina usage and stamina recharge rate.
    • Light Unit — The light unit improves flashlight battery consumption and flashlight range.

    Back Attachments:
    • Storage Unit — The storage unit increases the bonus slots available, but this comes at a cost as it also increases hover fuel consumption, oxygen consumption and stamina usage.
    • Cooling Unit — The cooling unit cools the suit enough to enable one to withstand a higher temperature threshold. The cost however is an increase in stamina consumption.
    • Solar Unit — The solar unit improves the recharge rate of the flashlight as well as the oxygen recharge rate, but it also increases the stamina usage.

    Feet Attachments:
    • Booster Unit — The booster unit increases the hover height and improves the hover fuel recharge rate, but it also decreases the hover duration and hover fuel capacity while also increases hover fuel consumption.
    • Glide Unit — The glide unit improves hover duration hover fuel consumption, oxygen consumption, and stamina usage, but also reduces the hover height.
    • Recover Unit — The recovery unit improves the gravity modification, fall damage received, hover fuel recharge rate, oxygen recharge rate, and stamina recharge rate.
    • Fuel Compressor — The fuel compressor improves the hover fuel capacity, hover fuel consumption and hover fuel recharge rate.

    New Utilities:
    • Advanced Anti-Personnel Turret — This advanced turret shoots at a slower rate, but does twice the damage of the standard Anti-Personnel Turret.
    • Z-Shield — This shield is an improved version of the electro-dome. In fact it is over twice the size and glows red instead of blue.

    New Furniture:
    • Advanced Fabricator — While providing faster crafting than the standard fabricator, this advanced version is necessary to build the cobalt-plated weapons.
    • Advanced Chem Station — This is faster at crafting than the standard version.
    • Repair Bench — Weapons and tools with durability can be repaired.

    A Few More Goodies (aka: Revamped Items & Improvements)

    Revamped UI Layout:
    • The menu UI has been completely overhauled to present information in a more efficient and consistent way.
    • While players can access the menu by pressing TAB, quick key access has also been implemented to ensure that the desired information can be accessed as quickly as possible.
    • Within the menu, the long-awaited Field Guide is accessible. This field guide provides helpful tips and pertinent information to surviving in Osiris: New Dawn.

    Revamped Camera Collision Detection:
    When in third person and moving the camera, rather than clipping through an object, the camera will detect the object and snap to first person.

    Removed the Abandonment System:
    There is no longer an abandonment timer on the structures and utilities built.

    Miscellaneous Improvements & Additions:
    • Improved reloading animation for the pistol.
    • Improved Crab Monster Attack Patterns:
    • Crab Monster now will charge and bit, jump and spit.
    • It’s now possible to build while in a vehicle.
    • It’s now possible to access menus while in a vehicle (though it still is not possible to leave the game while in a vehicle).
    • Upon defeat, creatures can now drop attachments as well.

    Fixes & Issues YULE Want To Know About
    • Fixed an issue where player inventory would sometimes disappear when traveling to a new planet, hives or mines.
    • Fixed an issue where the Hovercraft would hover over an invisible trigger at the refueling station.
    • The Electro-Dome, and now Z-Shield, block meteors.
    • Location is now saved when exiting a vehicle for the first time after travelling to a new planet/map. This creates a default respawn point in case the player dies before crafting a bet, hut, etc.
    • Fixed an issue where some items would disappear from all crafting tables when autocrafting.
    • KNOWN ISSUE: When on Zer the Sols currently don’t advance. This is due to it being a tidally locked planet. We are currently looking for ways to implement a fix, that doesn’t lead to day/night cycle malfunctioning on other planets.
    • KNOWN ISSUE: In the main menu when selecting an avatar, that character’s attachments will not visually show up.

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    Coming In HOT-FIX 0.1.170

    Yesterday, we released The Rise of Zer Update. We received a lot of great feedback and some reports of issues. The team has been monitoring reports, gathering data and looking into solutions for these issues today. We are pleased to announce that we have fixed the following issues:

    - Skill Point/Skill Tree Issue: Many players since last night's release experienced an issue related to missing their skills and not being able to use their skill points. The problem stemmed from a null code occurring with regard to blueprints. This has been FIXED. All characters should retain their previously earned skills. You did not lose them.

    - Black Screen Issue: Like above, many players were having issues where they would enter the game with a black screen, and then have to press ESC twice to resolve it. This has been fixed as well.

    - Liquid Auto-Crafting: Some players noticed that when auto-crafting liquid at the Chem Station, it would stop upon walking away. This issue has been fully resolved.

    - Cryo Rifle/Ammo Bug: The Cryo Rifle was having issues using Cryo Ammo. This is fixed and the Cryo Rifle is fully functional.

    - Shovel, Cryo Rifle, and Cobalt-Assault Rifle can now be repaired.

    - Spacecraft Radar: When traveling from low-orbit to the planet surface, the spacecraft radar was incorrectly displaying. This has been resolved.

    - Worm Spawns on Original Proteus Map: Worms were not spawning on the original Proteus map. They now are.

    - Added Contact Devs button to the menu UI.

    - Added Blueprint tab to the mission menu.

    - Added sounds to the building/crafting mechanics, as well as when cycling through the UI.

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    Osiris: New Dawn is NOW 50% OFF During The Winter Sale


    Ho-Ho-Holy flaming Hell Hounds! For the next month, Osiris: New Dawn will be an incredible 50% OFF!

    You'll be wishing for snow while battling the unforgiving heat of our new planet, Zer.

    The sale ends January 4th at 10am PST, so don't miss the chance to stay toasty this holiday season!

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    HOTFIX 0.1.178

    As we mentioned recently in the forum, we have been working to resolve some outstanding issues that have ranged from common annoyances to game breaking bugs. The following is a list of the items that are included in this HOTFIX. This is by no means an update; that will follow later. This is just an attempt by mere mortals (ie, the Fenix Fire developers) to make the game more optimized, less buggy and more enjoyable to play.

    Please play through the latest version of the game and send any issues that you may encounter to For full patch notes, please see below:

    Game Optimizations

    Created Multiplayer Streaming Manager: By creating this manager, we are able to send small packets of data over time to the server. This should alleviate many, but maybe not all, of the server logic and time-out errors. Please note that if you have a lot of structures/buildables, it might take a few seconds for all of them to load in upon initial launch of the game.

    Optimized Culling System: To help improve frame rate, we optimized the culling system so that things would not render either far behind, or far ahead of your character.

    Improved Pooling Managers: Additionally to help frame rate, we have improved the pooling for effects, audio, and projectiles.

    Game Fixes

    Skill Points Should No Longer Disappear: Players were experiencing a loss of skill points when logging out and back into the game. This was due to a database issue and should now be rectified. Please note: You should no longer lose skill points from here on out. You will not be able to recover any previous skill points that you may have lost.

    New Aspect Ratio Support: We adjusted the UI to add support for a 16:10 aspect ratio.

    Inflatable Dome Kit In Mine: We fixed an issue where picking up the inflatable dome kit mission item while a player’s backpack was full, it would disappear forever.

    Elevator Fixed: Fixed an issue where the elevator would not register the floors correctly and would stop working.

    Spaceships and Asteroids: Spaceships can now take off of asteroids and should not hover over invisible triggers anymore.

    Vehicles and Mecha Crab Falling Underground: If vehicles and/or the Mecha Crab fall through the map, they are no longer destroyed. Instead, they teleport to the surface.

    Turret Sound: Turret sounds have been fixed so that they are no longer at high volumes across the entire map.

    • O.M.P.A.s should no longer fall out of bounds, but if they do, they will roll back inbounds.
    • O.M.P.A.s no longer continue shooting when the battery dies.

    Crashed Pod Collision: Fixed an issue where player cannot grab the patch tape when in the pod, due to an object outside of the pod.

    Structures With Ramps: Structures now procedurally create ramps, which should reduce the amount of time where structures are high above the ground with no ramps. Please note: The max ramp distance is approximately 15m.

    Missing Inventory While Travelling: Fixed an issue where travelling to a dungeon or a planet with a backpack attachment would cause players to lose their inventory.

    Trouble Entering Mines In Multiplayer: Fixed an issue where players had trouble entering a mine when in multiplayer and another player left the server, or traveled to another planet. To fix this, player can now enter the mine simply by opening the chat panel and typing ‘/leaveparty’.

    • Turrets and projectiles can no longer mine berries.
    • Red berries can now be planted.

    Proteus Missions Displaying On Other Planets: Fixed an issue where the game would display mission locations for Proteus on other planets.

    Recipe Fixes:
    • Cloth is now craftable, as we fixed the recipe.
    • The anvil can now be crafted, as we changed the required skill to steroids.

    UI Fix: Pressing ‘TAB’ and an ‘F’ key will no longer break the UI.

    Fixed In-Game Descriptions: Reactor and Heat Pistol descriptions have been corrected.

    Cerberus Fx Improved: Improved the effects for the stomp attack.

    What Has Been Removed

    Push To Talk Functionality: To help improve performance and framerate issues on multiplayer, we removed the Push To Talk functionality.

    Known Issue

    We are aware that when travelling in a vehicle between both locations on Proteus with an O.M.P.A. and a passenger, the passenger will get kicked out of the vehicle. We are currently working on a solution for this issue.

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    Osiris: New Dawn is 40% Off During The Steam Lunar New Year Sale


    From February 15th to February 19th at 10am PST, Osiris: New Dawn will be 40% off. Grab yourself a copy for only $14.99!

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    HOTFIX 0.1.180

    We noticed that many players were experiencing inventory and frame rate issues caused by the last hotfix, so we wanted to make sure to rectify those for you before the weekend.

    The things we corrected for this hotfix are as follows:

    • Fixed the vehicle inventory bug where players would lose their vehicle's inventory when travelling.
    • Fixed the frame rate issue on Proteus Site B.
    • Fixed the bug where players would lose items planted in their Bio-Dome bins when logging out and logging back in to the game.
    • Oxygen tanks can now be crafted in the printer.

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    Osiris: New Dawn Is 40% Off During The Week-Long Steam Sale


    Take a break from reality and step into the world of Osiris: New Dawn, just $14.99 all this week on Steam!

    The sale ends on Monday, March 12th at 10am PST, so grab it before the deal expires.

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