SB Server Update [Moderation] Dealing with item drops

Discussion in 'General Server Discussion' started by Max Bacon, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. Max Bacon

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    Hello there Bacons,

    After a discussion we had today on the topic of seeing players dropping drawables containing disallowed content, from Porn / Graphical Photos, including items that are harmful to the server and its players: we have pushed some tweaks to our server scripts.

    Item Drops are now DISALLOWED on:
    • Server Homeword
    • Server RP HUB

    Now if you drop stuff it's simply instantly deleted, you will only see its animation.
    Please do NOT drop items on our official worlds, if you wish to trade do such in private.

    This also has impact on some other exploits used on our server.
    Thanks! ;)
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  2. Bonky Boy

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    Thank you bacon, I knew this was a problem.

    ps I haven't eaten a piece bacon in 3 months
  3. R3E3

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    Trade worlds. 10/10. next bacon's innovation.
  4. sludgie101

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    AKA ships
  5. ICDeadPixels

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    AKA use any crate on spawn.
  6. R3E3

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    AKA take em all.
  7. Sock_Bunny

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    Can there be a crate in the armory in the Roleplay World? That place would be great for trading since the other crates are in the tavern, where lots of people are.
  8. Deatho

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