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    Hello everyone,

    We are happy to announce that the roleplay groups are now live and ready to accept members.
    The groups have their own sub-forums which will have information and events for their respective group.
    There is more information on how to join at the bottom of this post.

    Further more, the factions will have in game effects on the hub through events.
    Members can participate in these events to help their faction progress toward its goal.
    Also, these events will sometimes be of a competitive nature. That being said, the winner of the event will win a change made to the hub.
    These changes in question will be based on each group's goal. (E.g.: Syndicate would produce more structures or improved ones.)
    As a neat bonus, each faction gets a trophy room in their base to display the events they have won.

    The events and hub changes to come should make the world a bit more immersive.
    For now, we will be planning what to do for the first event and how the changes will be introduced into the world after the event.
    We hope you all will enjoy the events to come! :closedeyesmile:

    In regards to joining the groups they are located here:
    Cultivator's Order:
    Steel Syndicate:

    To join people will need to create a request:
    -- With the name of character being pledged
    -- And be a member of the New Earth Roleplay Hub
    ---- Join requests for Serious RP Hub here:

    P.S.: Remember to read the rules listed before joining the groups.
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    were do i make a request?
  3. Dowan

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    Hmmm, which to chose? The insane people trying to revive the way of the protectorate? Or the militarized group no one knows anything about? Very tough choice I do have to say
  4. Schiftel

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    Can we make like our own faction?
  5. IHazBagels

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    Player made factions has always been allowed.
    However, they will not be as influential as the two main ones for the sake of keeping things fair.
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    I've submitted my serious RP application however I just had to check a box. Did I fill it out right? It's been a while and I haven't gotten any response.
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