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Discussion in 'Community Info & News' started by Max Bacon, Dec 1, 2014.

  1. Max Bacon

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    Hello there.

    For the nightly players who want to play online, we have one unmanaged nightly server always up now.

    You just have to join it and that's ip with the port included, Nightly is unstable, expect things to break, on the most recent builds nothing major had break what for my playtime also had not experienced any issues.

    I run Stable, can i have both at the same time?!
    Yes, check this tutorial to be able to play both versions on your PC without one conflict with the other!
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  2. Lachee

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    What do you mean by unmanaged? Will there still be moderators to control it or is it free game as it could all reset by the next night?
  3. Jacoren

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    No idea, but when we were all on it earlier (Matt, me, Bacon, Batfoobies and some others) he wasn't making any ranks or using any wrapper (don't think it's even possible on the nightlies for thank anyhow). From what I read the nightlies end up breaking characters each new update anyhow, don't know though.

    I think it's more of a test server to see how it compares to stable server, might not be around forever.
  4. Max Bacon

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    Yes it's something to pop in when we wish to try the new stuff, but expect it to may reset several times as nightly updates on the fly. ^^
  5. Ignify

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    Thank you so much for a server that allows us to explore the occasionally playable broken nightly with friends! I will pop on from time to time to mess around with the new update. C:
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