Ilovebacons lore summary please!

Discussion in 'Bacons Casual Roleplay' started by Bluebelle, Nov 25, 2017.

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    We don't exactly have "authority" on Cen... As much as I'd love to have some sort of police force doing police things, most people hate it. In fact, there was a time that an actual cop was there doing cop things. He was killed with the basis of "he tried to enforce law on a free sector". So yeah... No real figures... I 'am' working on a few pieces of lore for the upcoming mage academy thing that involve important people like head witches / wizards and stuff like that, but due to the announcement of a hub change, I've delayed it a bit. For now, the best way to learn about Cen is simply to visit and observe from a distance. Just... be warned... Some characters can be even more over the top than my own...
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    Five 0 shoot the popo bang bang
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    is there any way to get to look at the character database part of the forums? it's blocking me out and saying I need to be whitelisted roleplayer to look at it. How do I do that? x-x

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