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    Hello tasty Community,

    We all know the Problems. You want to be friendly and help new Players, but sometimes a Player is not that friendly as it seems. You want to help him by inviting him to your ship, and what happens? He steals your stuff or destroys your ship.

    What to do now?

    I will introduce you in steps, what could help to prevent or even how to repair your ship and how to keep players like these away.
    And always remember to snap screen shots so we can catch the thief!

    Step 1.:
    How to prevent?
    1. Only invite People who you know, or you trust.​
    2. If a player needs help, then go and help him at a neutral planet (Spawn/Outpost).​
    3. Maybe look out in the chat, sometimes other players know the person and can say if he is friendly or not.​
    4. If it happens right now, leave the Server and the person will be kicked out of your ship.​
    5. Also, if someone griefs your ship or steals from it, take Screenshots and report the User, then it won't happen to other players. :)

    Step 2.:
    How to repair?
    Go to your Steam folder
    Go into SteamApps
    Go to common
    Chose Starbound
    Chose storage
    Chose the player folder

    Now you see your Player data, Shipworlds and the Metadata.
    Every main file - Player, Metadata, Shipworld - has 3 Backups, called like the UUID of the character and at the end is .shipworld.bak1/2/3 added.



    1 - How to load the backup

    If your character got corrupted, then you load the player.bak file.
    You have to delete the original player file, and change one of the bak files to it.


    5216e3b42fe02f2c92aac1380cd35f11 [Player-Data]
    Delete this one, and chose one of the .player.bak files.
    Now you have to change the name of the file, as Example the name is:
    3a872a67903aac93a9ca1952a6097d40.player.bak3 -> 3a872a67903aac93a9ca1952a6097d40.player

    After you did this, your backup is loaded.


    If your ship got destroyed or someone stole stuff, you can do the same with the Backups.
    Same steps, but only with the .shipworld.bak files.

    I hope i was able to help you with this Thread.

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    Good post skippidy <3
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    Dang I can't go any further than when my ship was filled with stone.
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    Yea, the backups are made all the times you go into the game. So if you go more than 3 times into game after destruction then the Backup is also like the destructed ship.

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