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    Community Guidelines
    Global Rules (apply everywhere in the community, game servers & TeamSpeak)
    1. Religious discussions are not allowed in this community. Political discussions, however, are allowed if mutual respect is maintained and the subject is discussed in a constructive manner; using the discussion to attack individuals is not allowed.
    2. No spam and scam! Constant spamming will result in a restriction in our community.
    3. The Golden Rule of Respect:
      • No naming and shaming.
      • No provocation and baiting.
      • No racist or discriminating behavior.
      • If users are unwilling to help you with something, feel free to post on the forums asking for help, constant bothering of specific users is not allowed.
      • Respect the privacy of other community members, posting personal information like name, phone number, email, and so on is not allowed in public, use private means to exchange personal information. Once you post something on the internet it stays there, we are not responsible for it and any user should do such at their own risk.
      • Sexual harassment and forcing other members into sex talk is not allowed and should be reported. We are however not responsible for what happened outside our community between two or more members of our community, that should be reported to the designated company/organization/community in question.
      • Public Display of Affection is allowed to a certain extent. Be respectful to and around others. If you want to express affection to a greater extent, then do so privately.
    4. Piracy content is not allowed. No sharing torrents and links that lead to pirated content!
    5. No pornographic or illegal content is allowed in any area of this community, not even as jokes. This includes death threats.
    6. NSFW content is not allowed publicly in our community, with the exceptions:
      • NSFW content posted on community groups with the "Closed" Privacy Setting.
      • NSFW content posted on the Art sections of the website if posted by its author under a warning Tag and/or Spoiler.
      • Teamspeak has specific rules on this matter
    7. Staff matters may not be discussed publicly, as doing so is disruptive and unnecessary. Staff matters include things that the staff members have done or said in relation to moderating, including bans, warnings, and similar moderation actions up to the way our management/moderation system is laid out. These matters must be taken directly to the Staff Requests or private messages.
    8. The staff reserves the right to remove content from our community at our own discretion. We reserve the sole right to review and classify questionable content.

    --- Forum / Starbound & Teamspeak Rules Revamp will be posted soon.
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